Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Exchange With Alex Knepper

Here's Alex Knepper's Facebook status at about 4:30 this afternoon:
Psychiatry is the most lamentable, malevolent, tragically destructive pseudoscience that the modern West has ever dealt with. Baseless conjecture built upon a nonsensical dualism -- and backed up by state power.
He had over thirty comments, and I added mine:
Alex: Psychiatry is indeed a medical science, based on empricism, etc. How can you seriously claim otherwise? What is your evidence?
Alex responds:
Donald, you malicious cunt. After playing into that demented, psychotic monster Swindle's vendetta and libeling me on your blog as a pedophile and accusing me of wanting to rape children, you have the gall to ask me a casual question like we're old buddies? Get the fuck out of here and don't speak to me ever again, unless it's in the form of your begging for an apology from me for the horrid way that you treated me.
I guess he's not over that whole "pedo" scandal thingy, and still lashing out pretty heavily. I responded:
If you hate me so much you would have deleted my friendship, Alex. Do so now if you choose. I "played into" it because I thought you were wrong. Have you learned anything?
Alex responds:
Deleting your friendship would be irrelevant; my Facebook is public and anyone can post on my statuses.

What have I learned, though? I've learned that I cannot trust that creepy middle-aged men like you won't be snooping on forums for young ...people to try to destroy a college kid's reputation. There's something infinitely creepier about a middle-aged man snooping into a 19/20-year-old's posts on a gay forum advertised for people aged 14-25 than a 20-year-old having (legal) sex with a 16-year-old, which you were so appalled by. (By the way, since you worship psychiatry, I should note that the DSM-IV says that all of my attractions are completely normal.)

I also have a lostpainting account on a Britney Spears forum, Would you like to go investigate that, too? Since you're so obsessed with digging into my private (that is: non-political, non-public) life.

If Swindle thought the material was troubling, he should have first approached me with it in private for an explanation and discussion, like any normal person would do. Instead, his -- and your -- first reaction was to think "What a great blog post! Let's write about it and take him by surprise so we can try to ruin him!" That shows your true intentions, and it reveals you for the monstrous, morally-bankrupt piece of shit you are. The fact that you are old enough to be my father only compounds the creepiness. I spend countless hours every week feeling miserable about you people's horrific smears and how they have affected my life. It's like being raped over and over again. I'd rather have been raped, in fact, than have been subject to such a hit job.
My response:
I didn't investigate you, Alex. You're lashing out pretty hard here. At the time, I commented on the debate as a friend. We had had some pretty decent exchanges, and I had no vendetta.
Alex responds:
You may just possibly be more deranged than Swindle if you thought that your post was 'friendly.'
My response:
Go pull up the post and link it. I didn't investigate you, and I said that we indeed had had exchanges. That's not true?
Alex responds:

...You said that I was a "pedophile posing as a conservative," that I was fired in a "pedophilia scandal," that I promote "man-boy" sex, and that I "have contempt for the rights of the most vulnerable." All because I had legal sex with som...eone four years younger than I am.

It's a real mystery as to why I'd take offense to that, isn't it?


Here's you: "Alex Knepper has protested ad nauseum that he's within his legal right to engage in sexual intercourse with a 16 year-old boy. And while that may be so (depending on the state, incidently),"

Um, yes, Donald, I follow the laws OF... THE STATE I LIVE IN. Not sure about you.

"there are no exceptions for adult sexual intercourse with 8 year-old children."

This is completely true but also completely fucking irrelevant, given that the guy I had sex with was sixteen and not eight.

My response:
I still stand by the argument, Alex. I think most folks were concerned with a higher law, a moral standard, which many thought you'd crossed.
And that was it. No further responses from Alex Knepper. I gather he wants to protect the cocoon of denial he's built up to justify his pursuit of adolescent boy sex. He still digs Justin Bieber, that's for sure:

Alex Knepper

UPDATE (8:40pm): Alex updates the thread with this:
Deleting this shit at my mom's request; you've caused enough anxiety to me; no need to torture her, too.
Well, how about that? Alex's mom monitors his Facebook threads? That's something else? Maybe she should have been monitoring some of those man-boy chat threads, and perhaps I wouldn't be having an exchange like this.


Rob Taylor said...

When perverts are caught it's always everyone elses fault, and being disgusted by what they've done always makes you some sort of monster.

Just last week some pedo threatened to sue me for calling him a pedophile. Even though he is a convicted sex offender who raped a teen. Then someone sent me a "boylove" radio show he was on where he referred to himself as a pedophile and threatened to kill the Perverted Justice founder.

Knepper is no different, he's trying to manage public perception of him, and like all criminals he believes he's smarter than everyone else. No doubt his mother does monitor his web activity - and enables his degeneracy as does his friends who support him.

I'm betting someone forced him to go to a shrink, the shrink told him to stop rationalizing his sexual exploitation of teens and being who he is he couldn't keep from making public stink about this.