Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glenn Beck and the Muslim Brotherhood

From David Horowitz, at FrontPage Magazine:

Those of you who have been watching Glenn Beck, and particularly those who watched last night’s show will see that he is bringing before an audience of millions the message we have been sending from these sites for nearly a decade — that the global Islamic jihad against the West has formed a working alliance with the secular socialist left both at home and abroad. This “unholy alliance” as we called it was first clearly visible in the anti-American demonstrations opposing the Iraq War. These were mislabled “anti-war” demonstrations by the general media. If they were truly anti-war demonstrations there would have been protests at the Iraq embassy calling on Saddam Hussein to honor the Gulf War truce agreement he had signed and the seventeen UN resolutions that attempted to enforce those agreements. But there was not one such demonstration. Not one.

We pointed out at the time that the steering committee of the largest coalition against the Iraq War — that is against toppling Saddam Hussein — included on its steering committee the Muslim Students Association, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2003, we laid out the facts in an 80 page booklet edited by John Perazzo and me, called Who Is The Peace Movement? We have updated the information in our online encyclopedia of the left at

Everything we know about the collaborations of the Communist left with the Soviet police state, about the collaborations of the New Left with the Vietnamese and Cuban Communists, and about the committees of leftists in solidarity with the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua and the Communist guerillas in El Salvador told us that the current left would be in bed with the Islamic Nazis who now confront us ...

The unholy alliance between Islamo-Nazis and the American left described in these pages is the gravest threat our country has ever faced.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

The mid-east has a natural right and duty to preserve their respective culture. The West did not preserve their culture. Yet Western society wants to interfere with another culture to preseve their fallen own? Or is this the doings of neoconservatives, commies, Evangical and Jewish groups behind the scenes? Society (I am paleoconservative fringe.) is without a law(Unless its some never ending statute law), system(Unless its a bankrupt Capitalist/free enterprise system) and faith(Unless is Israel). Their saught Caliphate--that is a Shi'ite precept-- is the equivalent of Evangelicals saught return of Christ -- regarding the potential conflict. Though these terrorist groups mentioned by Mr. Beck are behind the scenes of the upheavel -- the average mid-easterner is not western man. As consequence they seek to preserve their sytem and culture by opposing others.

Mr. Mcgranor said...
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