Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Franken Serious? Vile Comedian to Take Seat in Washington

Al Franken will take a seat in the U.S. Senate.

From The Politico, "
Norm Coleman Concedes Minnesota Senate Race to Al Franken," and the New York Times, "After 8 Months, Franken Wins Senate Seat in Minnesota."

Most folks might appreciate the idea of the "citizen legislator" taking the fight to Washington. But with Franken, we're seeing the acccession of the most disgusting fever-swamp partisanship to Capital Hill.

See, "

Also, "
Are You Franken Serious, Minnesota?":

In an effort to keep his promise to Minnesotans and prove his seriousness Franken called Senator Coleman, "one of the administration's leading butt boys." (Hey, wait. Isn't that what the PC police call, a homophobic slur?) Ask Ann Coulter if she thinks it's a homophobic slur. Not to worry though, Al Franken is a Democrat, and is pro-gay rights, so "butt boy" is ok for him to use. Which has me pondering this whole Al Franken fiasco; look at the Democrats today, they are driven by the extreme angry, anti- (fill in the blank), Left-wing sector of the Party.
Don't miss Kathy Shaidle as well, "Send in the Clown."

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Also Blogging: Michelle Malkin, "
Franken-fied: Make way for (another) clown; Update: Coleman statement added," and Hot Air, "Breaking: Say hello to Senator Al Franken; Update: Coleman concedes."


Benjamin Blattberg said...

That's kind of what happens when you win an election: you get to hold the office.

Tim said...

I can only imagine if it was a Democrat holding out this long.

Thanks for the links, and YEAH!, 'bout time we had a legit comedian in Congress.

Dave said...

Wow, who would have thought that the person who will cast the vote that will ultimately kill America as we know it would come from the washed-up, brain dead, America-hating comedian Al Franken?

You know, in a certain, decidedly twisted way, it almost seems fitting.


PrivatePigg said...

I'm glad he won. The last thing we needed was the economy to be stinky and Democrats to be able to point to Republicans who were actually able to kill some Dem programs and use them as scapegoats. Now the Dems can ram their crap through, over-reach, and be out of power in 2 and 4 years.

Benjamin Blattberg said...

As an addendum: I don't understand how Franken's previous career gets to be the topic of jokes: yes, he was a comedian, just like Reagan was an actor, and Jesse Ventura was a wrestler (well, "performer" might be closer to the mark). As Donald notes, a citizen thinking that he can do the job of a congressperson is sort of foundational to the way the gov't works--we all have a stake in it, anyone can grow up to be president, etc., etc.

Also, even though this is a pretty innocuous post by the professor, it seems strange to me to see someone go from championing Iranian democracy to critiquing Minnesotan democracy.

Tim said...

Ben JB: Consider your audience here, and try to find one element of consistency to anything. Ain't gonna happen my friend. I read this site to be amused, not enlightened.

Imagine if Americans had taken to the streets in 2000, claiming the election was stolen (it was, by any sensible analysis) and the reaction the right would have had to us liberal protesters.

Now, a week or so ago millions of protestors, reformers, the liberal members of Iranian society seeking to overthrow the conservative, religious theocracy, did just that! They protested a stolen election and demanded reform. And the right tried to leverage all credit to them! The joke being, of course, that many conservatives -- basically mullahs in casual Fridays dress -- don't see the irony, or the reality.

Just checking, but isn't it the right who want school prayer, the 10 Commandments in courthouses, "intelligent design" taught in schools, creation "museums, and the continued demonizing of secular science?

You can see why this is a joke.

Dave said...

What poor government-educated Timmy is going to eventually learn via the proverbial hard way, is that leftist, Marxist dogma is not what built America, nor was it what provided him the freedom to post the inane bullshit he regularly drops here.

By the time he figures out the truth, it will be too late for both Timmy and America.


Rich Casebolt said...

Before I get down to the business at hand ... does this outcome mean that Al finally gets his limo?

Now ...

Just checking, but isn't it the right who want school prayer, the 10 Commandments in courthouses,

As opposed to your faith in human omniscience being respected EXCLUSIVELY in our schools and public institutions?

"intelligent design" taught in schools, creation "museums",

As opposed to theories like evolution-as-origin and man-made climate change being taught as incontrovertable fact, ignoring the shortcomings of the theories and demonizing all who dissent from the dogma as "ignorant"

and the continued demonizing of secular science?

Tim, very, very few who hold spiritual worldviews "demonize" science. As an engineer who utilizes both the findings and the methods of science in his work, I certainly do not.

No, what I, and other "dissenters", is hold scientists to account for their rigor -- or lack thereof -- in applying the principles of logic and science to their "products", vs. subordinating those principles to their preferred ideology, or to the desire to be accepted by others as "intelligent".

Tim, you always inspire me ... especially when you illustrate the driving force behind many of the opponents the good Prof. faces here ... including the "nihlists".

Y'all IRRATIONALLY fear the competition of Christians and Christianity with your secular worldview, to the point that you believe that any respect for it/them in the public square must be stamped out and the remains shoved in the closet of "personal hobby".

It doesn't matter that your efforts are leading to the reduction of social mores to the least-common-denominator of human behavior ... some here actually see that trend as a feature, not a bug, for it gives them license to let the good times roll ... regardless of what/who gets destroyed when some of the "good" times roll over them.

It also doesn't matter to y'all that y'all are repeatedly basing your actions upon faith in a proven-fallible entity, throwing logic and the scientific method aside to do so in your fear.

You are, what you fear.

Tim said...

Rich, my point, once again, is what I don't want in my government: This includes fairies, goblins, Santa Claus, Allah, God, Jesus, the Dalai Lama or Elvis. They all have their place. But when you institute religion into our curriculum, or government, it is a recipe for disaster. Or maybe you hadn't noticed that if the worst form of government isn't a dictator, it's a religious theocracy that demands worship.

It's not about what it is about, it is ALL about how it's applied. Please note the difference. You can believe whatever you want Rich, and I've said this before. However, imposing it on my is where you cross the line. Figuratively speaking of course.

Rusty Walker said...

Okay! This is some really fine, entertaining and informative dialogue at the same time! Maybe i didn't have to be so damnably long winded in my prior comments to Tim, et. al, on the Palin post after all. I would weigh in here, but run out of time, on my way up North. Catch you all later!

Rich Casebolt said...

Tim, theocracy is the imposition by government of a single faith upon all.

Your approach excludes all faith-based worldviews from affecting policy, except one - your own, humanist/athiest faith in your own omniscience that leads you to summarily dismiss alternatives to it as "ignorance" ... and use that label to both muzzle and discredit your opponents with impunity, even when their viewpoint does have a basis in fact.

How does that differ from a theocracy?