Thursday, June 25, 2009

Democratic Scheme Shuts Down July 4 Atlanta Tea Party!

I saw Obi's Sister's report last night, "Very Sad News":
The Atlanta Tea Party, scheduled for July 4th at Gwinnett Place Mall, has been cancelled.
But via Glenn Reynolds and Bob Owens, it turns out that top Democratic Party donors schemed to have the event shut down, "Large Democratic Donors Help Shut Down July 4 Atlanta Tea Party":

A real estate company whose owners have contributed heavily to Democratic causes apparently used articles and content on conservative blogs to justify bringing about pressure to shut down an Atlanta tea party protest scheduled for the Fourth of July — an event that organizers estimated would attract 20,000 people.

The apparent plot was uncovered when blogger and radio talk show host Andrea Shea King noticed an unusual amount of traffic coming to her site earlier this month.

On Jun 16,
Andrea Shea King emailed me, questioning a heavy burst of Sitemeter traffic coming from She included screencaps of the traffic, two of which are reproduced below (click to enlarge).
Go to the post for the screencaps and concluding analysis.

As Glenn says, "
Well, I guess that means they’re afraid."

They should be: The Obama/Democratic agenda is shaping up as


prying1 said...

Seems these folks don't realize they leave muddy footprints wherever they go.

Guess their mommas didn't raise them right.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Paul!

Obi's Sister said...

Thanks for the link.

I am just furious over this - my brother and his family were going with us, and we'd actually talked our elderly parents to go, too. It was going to be a great day and a beginning of a new family tradition.

Dave said...

As an Atlanta area resident who was planning to attend this event, I am not the least bit happy.

Something about this has a rather malodorous air about it-or, as we say here in Georgia, it stinks to high heaven.

I am formulating one of my "blue smoke" emails to the property owners who have apparently lost their balls.

Hopefully, I will be able to aid them in reacquiring what they have apparently misplaced.


Dave said...

Obi's Sister,

Just wait until Neal's show hits the airwaves tomorrow.

It should be very interesting.