Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daily Kos: Malicious is as Malicious Does

Kos gets some nasty mail. No one - repeat, no one - should ever be attacked like this. That said, while ignorant and racist, the e-mailer actually nails it on this one:
(3) FACT: you are also OBJECTIVELY ANTIAMERICAN!!!!!!!! dont even try to deny this for there is ample prof: in 2004 you openly supported the murder of four brave american soldiers in falluja. you tryed to weasel out of your responsiblity, but you cant hide the fact that you hate america and american soldiers and you love al queda and other muslim terrorists who have killed THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS!!!! and will never stop unless they are killed. and whose going to kill them? you? LOL you dont even own a gun because you leftofascists want to repel the second amendent.
Kos apparently later claimed to be "vindicated" by events on the ground. AOSHQ responds:
How does anything that happened, or could happen, "vindicate" his "I feel nothing... screw 'em" statement? That's not saying "Iraq is unwinnable," a statement which could be vindicated by the right facts.

It's just a statement of pure uncaring maliciousness.
Hmm ... "maliciousness." Yep, pretty standard on the left - not hate-mail standard (like the guy writing in to Kos), just standard everyday blogging for these folks.


Deuce Geary said...

Not that it makes Kos any less of a scumbag, but the e-mailer did get one fact wrong. The four in Fallujah were contractors, not soldiers, which is why Kos dubbed them "mercenaries" for whom he had no sympathy, leading to his "screw them" line.

Like I said, still a scumbag, but facts are facts.