Monday, June 22, 2009

McCain: U.S. Has "Moral Obligation" To Support Iranians

From CBS News:
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) spoke with Bob Schieffer about the current crisis in Iran, continuing success in Iraq, and how to handle growing tension between the U.S. and North Korea.

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Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics.


Mark Harvey said...

Watch. Some dingbat is going to call McCain a neocon now. LOL

Rusty Walker said...

I think it is interesting that McCain has being saying this for weeks now. Finally, Obama who every other day gets closer to defending the Iranian protestors, finally said yesterday that we support them. It is like he is a day behind , instead of out in front.

When Obama said “the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed” with regards to our preparedness against the North Korean ballistic missiles aimed our way, I thought, yes, maybe, and that is the vernacular of a professor, not a leader of the free world, are we going to slap them across the knuckles with a ruler?

…while the U.S.S. McCain follows the North Korean ship of nuclear contraband.

Dave said...

Obama has now demonstrated to the world that he just doesn't "have it."

It is unconscionable to me that an American president would fail to speak out strongly in support of anybody who is seeking freedom from tyranny anywhere on this planet.

No matter what he says now, it will be too little, too late.


Dennis, said...

The sad part is that Obama could have shown leadership by supporting those who wish freedom and some say in their own government. He could of looked strong without sacrificing anything other than encouragement for change.
If he was worried that the US was going to be blamed, well we got blamed anyway. When you spend half your time apologizing for supposed ills of this country you have to expect that if you do not respect your own country then no one else will.
Is it any wonder that the North Koreans and Iranian Mullahs do not care a whit about the US response given the fecklessness of Obama. They fear their own populations more and they have the guns.
This could have, and may still work out this way, to change a regime that finances most of the terrorism in the world. With just a few words we could have aided peace in the world, but we have Obama and his administration whose only competence seems to be creating another Czar to control us.

Rusty Walker said...

You are right on, Dennis. And if we do not stop that NK ship carrying illegal weapons, NK will be the supplier of contraband to every rogue nation and terrorist organization in the world.