Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iran Protests Winding Down?

Pamela Geller ran this yesterday, "Iran Revolution Day 14: Makeshift Hospitals, News Blackout, Ayatollah Khatami: Iran Protesters Will Be Punished "Without Mercy" "Worthy of Execution", BOLTON: Mullahs Must go!"

Also, via
Gateway Pundit, this video shows a democracy protester shot in the head by Basij militia:

There's also been unrest in Sweden. Protesters there have stormed the Iranian embassy. See Allahpundit, "Sweden Invades Iran." And Fox News reports, "U.S. Officials: Iran Opposition Leader's Web Site Shut Down, Supporters 'Tortured' Into Confessions."

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has a new report, "Iran Revolution Day 15: Deadly Silence." And from PoliGazette, "Iran’s Protests Ending After Clerics Calls for Executions?"

The urgency of mainstream Iran reporting seems to be fading, however. As the New York Times reports, "Iranian Leaders Gaining the Edge Over Protesters." The Lede's taking the weekend off from Iran reporting. And while Nico Pitney continues live-blogging the revolt, Trita Parsi and Reza Aslan at Foreign Policy have an analysis on the implications of the uprising, "The End of the Beginning: What Will be the Legacy of the Green Revolution?"

One implication: The world now knows that America today is an enemy of democracy promotion and human rights worldwide. "Realism" is de rigeur. Meanwhile, hardliners have welcomed the green light from the Obama administration. See the Washington Post, "Authoritarian Regimes Censor News From Iran."

More updates throughout the day.

ADDED: The Washington Post, "Iran's Lessons: Shouldn't 'Realism' Mandate Regime Change?"


RaDena said...

I don't know whether it's winding down or not, but the silence right now is pretty deafening. It may just be that they can't get the news from Iran. Personally, I don't believe it's over. The good news is that the Ayatollahs are old. They're gonna go visit Mohammed in hell soon. Too bad it won't be right now!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks RaDena!!

Reliapundit said...

it's amazing to me how UNrealistic so-called realism really is!

appeasement has never worked out in real life.

and cutting and running from iraq and making deals with iran wouldn't have helped forge an indepenedent democratic iraq - as the so-called realists argued it would have.

in fact, the sop-called realists are wrong ablout everything.

so what's their appeal!?!?!

it's a euphemism for isolationism.

a euphemism which seeks to propagandize us NEOCONS as unrealistic idealists and troublemakers.

and by us neocons i mean fdr, truman, and jfk in addition to reagan and w.

AubreyJ......... said...

Like RaDena... I'm too am not sure if things are winding down in Iran or not.
Sadly though… The news from the MSM on Iran has fallen way short of late.
Thanks for keeping up with the news out of Iran, Donald...

Z said...

There are still journalists from all over the world stuck in their offices in Tehran from what I can understand. They were all told to go to their offices so they couldn't report but they're HEARING things, you can be sure...and I don't see any big welcome home parties in Germany, France, etc., (news which my husband reads every morning on the internet) way. They're there and they'll come out and talk. I hope.

Imagine someone with a cell phone needing an up close picture of that poor fellow on the ground..the one the camera on this piece picks up.

I can't imagine this is the end of it; those peoples' hearts haven't changed and there are some very courageous people there.

Too bad America isn't stepping up to help.... at least with words of encouragement. So far, America's saying "Gee we hate it when you do that to those people!" BIG help.
And now Iran's telling US not to MEDDLE (using obama's same darned word) while Germany and France, which had the guts to 'meddle' aren't being chastised at all.
When you're weak, creeps like Ajob take advantage (Somali pirates, N. Korea's missiles, etc etc)

great piece, DD. z