Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Despicable: Huffington Post Equates Iran Neda Murderers to Israel

Here's the detestable essay from Max Blumenthal at the Huffington Post, "Neda in Palestine, Sentenced to Die Alone":

For over a week, major American news outlets have broadcast on a virtual loop the video of the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan, an unarmed 26-year-old Iranian woman, by Iranian security services. The poignant footage of Neda dying before a throng of grief-stricken bystanders crystallized the vulnerability experienced by the millions of demonstrators who have filled cities across Iran to confront authoritarian forces determined to suppress their voice through brutal means. When the mainstream American press chose to broadcast the graphic video -- as moving as the footage is, it is difficult to watch -- it made a commendable decision that nonetheless highlighted its hypocritical attitude towards Palestinians who resist Israeli occupation on a daily basis, and who often meet the same fate as Neda.

Every week, in the Palestinian cities of Bi'lin and Ni'ilin, local residents demonstrate beside international and Israeli solidarity activists for their basic human rights. The Israeli separation wall has been constructed through the heart of their communities, cutting them off permanently from farmland they have worked for generations. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the path of the wall was illegal, but construction continued unabated. When the demonstrators mobilize non-violently to stop the wall's construction -- to demand that the rule of law be honored -- the Israeli army has responded with massive force, killing, maiming, and brutalizing them on a consistent basis.
This is nothing but lies. Leftists always blame Israel and the "Jewish controlled" media. The truth is that the media's long been in open collusion with Israel's enemies. See for example, Caroline Click, "The Media's Enduring Narratives,"and "How and Why Muslims Riot in Liberal Democracies."

Notice how
Blumenthal posts videos alleging Israeli atrocites, and then claims:

These videos are no less outrageous than the video of Neda's death. However, to my knowledge, no outlet from the mainstream American media has ever broadcast them ....

Direct action protest tactics only work if the brutal responses they provoke are recorded by influential media sources and projected to sympathetic audiences across the world. MLK's tactics in Selma would not have succeeded had he not been accompanied by camera crews ready to broadcast images of racist savagery to outraged Northern white liberals. The outpouring of American public sympathy for Iranian demonstrators might never have occurred had cable news outlets not made the courageous decision to broadcast Neda's killing vividly and repeatedly.
This guy might as well be a spokesman for Jimmy Carter (it's "apartheid," remember?).

See Atlas Shrugs, "The Face of Evil: Hamas and Jimmy Carter." Also, Ben Johnson, "Carter Hearts Hamas."


UPDATE: Linked at Gateway Pundit! See, "
Leading Dem Blog Huffington Post Equates Iranian Thugs Who Killed Neda to Jews."

Added: William Jacobson, "Neda Never Strapped on a Bomb."


repsac3 said...

I confess to not understanding the point or the post.

Specifically, what parts of the quotes of Blumenthal (or of the whole piece, for that matter) are lies? Do the Palestinian residents not demonstrate? Has the wall not been built, despite an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that it's path was illegal? Are the protesters not non-violent? Have the people in these videos (and others, too) not really been shot?

Where does Blumenthal say anything about "Jewish controlled media," and if he hasn't, why does this post include any mention of a "Jewish controlled media," as though it says anything about this HuffPo author or this story?

Are those videos less outrageous than the video of Neda's death? Have they been broadcast on US TV?

I can appreciate that there are folks in the world who're anti-semitic, but I'm not seeing why anyone should believe that Max Blumenthal is one of those people, based on this article, anyway...

The principle is pretty simple. No government (or private individual, for that matter) should be shooting lethal ammunition at unarmed protesters.

Max offers an analogy between the situation in these two places, and again the meaning & purpose of an analogy is twisted, as though saying that two things are alike in any way, is saying that they are alike in every way. (Apples and oranges; both fruits, both have a skin, both kinda round, both healthy to eat, and yet so "not identical" as to've spawned a phrase using both of their names, about making comparisons between disparate objects.)

Sean, Ireland. said...

Thank you repsac3 for your considered and reasoned riposte. I am sick and tired of seeing any criticism of Israeli government policy being portrayed as anti-Semitic.
No government, nowhere, should be shooting lethal ammunition at unarmed protesters. This is not a religious issue.

Tomas said...


I confess to not understanding many things that are written on this blog!

Chalk it up to my leftist, nihilistic, burn in hell views.

P.S - isn't Max Blumenthal Jewish?

OHh that damn anti-semitic bastard!

According to mr. Americanpower and his high horse, it is apparently "Ok", to use heavy weaponry and white-phosphorous laced missiles on civilian areas, as long as they pledge allegiance and act according to the State of Israel or its cronies.

Also keep in mind that the questioning of the STate of Israel is prohibited at all costs.

Michael Sedley said...

In response to repsac3 -
Blumenthal's lies are so obvious that it is amazing they have to be pointed out - did you see the video and compare it to his description of it?

He talks about a "non-violent protest", but the video shows people firing stones with a potentially lethal slingshot (hardly non-violent)

he talks about Israeli snipers using a .22 caliber, yet the only IDF ammunition being fired is (non-lethal) tear-gas cannisters, which is routinly used to disperse riots all over the world.

I discussed other inaccuracies in the video here:

repsac3 said...

Thank you for replying, Michael.

Unfortunately my friend, your suggestion that it's all staged puts you right there with the truth movements (either 9/11 or Trig will do).

Your description & reply to the first video is... no, wait, you didn't reply to that one at all...

As for the second, Blumenthal pretty clearly says that the person shot was at a funeral, and that the actual killing is not captured on video. Yes, there were people there throwing stones, and yes, there were gas cannisters fired in return, but neither is the scene of the shooting Blumenthal discusses.

True, we never see a bullet, and I suppose if one is predisposed not to trust the videos & reports, one can deny that the man on the stretcher is actually dead, the victim of a .22 caliber bullet, or, if that much can be proven by independent reports--seeing as how Blumenthal provides the name and location of the man, and he either is or is not dead of a gunshot wound sustained on such-n-such a day--there is always the question of whether a fellow protester shot & killed him, just for propaganda purposes, y'understand...

Maybe it was a violent funeral, and the soldier in question had no choice but to put a bullet in his chest... But your reply (here and there) is far more speculative & misleading than Max Blumenthal's videos seem to be...

Anonymous said...

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