Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson, According to Nikki

I just realized I needed a good laugh today. What, with all the sad news in the entertainment world, and President Obama bowing to dictators from Latin America to the Persian Gulf. It's a good thing I checked out Nikki's Blog, and her post, "Michael Jackson: I'm a Fan." The introduction is a riot, so reader's will have to go over there and read the whole thing! Here's a teaser:

This always happens to me. If there is a lonely dirty old man around he will undoubtedly find me and attach himself to me like a moth to a flame. He started talking about the current world we live in and how different it is for kids blah blah blah. So I humored and said yes it is different and continued with how I am getting old and am feeling it since all the icons from when I grew up pretty much all died in one day. I was of course being sarcastic, since there are still plenty of living icons from the 70's and 80's. He said, who? Michael Jackson? An icon? No way. Now this man was at least 20 years older than me and was acting like we were kindred spirits growing up in the same decade. Whatever. So I said well, he was pretty huge when I was a kid. He said, no he was only famous for a while, and then turned into a weirdo. He said some other choice things, but I tuned him out like a man watching football.


RaDena said...

I shall obey and go over there and read the whole thing, I promise!

Nikki said...

WOW!! I feel so honored! Thanks for the love and the plug...I am serious this is so cool to be featured on your blog...I feel like I want to thank all the little people! LOL...thanks again and I am glad you laughed a little. :)Nikki

Nikki said...

BTW...I hope nobody gets too miffed at my ripping on a few conservative pundits aka Laura and the crew. Sometimes they are just too much! We shall see how it goes over...haha thanks :)N