Thursday, June 25, 2009

Palin Hits Back at 'Malicious' Photoshop of Son Trig

Via Riehl World View, CNN reports that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has denounced Democratic blogger Linda Kellen Biegel, who posted a nasty Photoshop of Palin's son Trig to her website, Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis.

That's Ms. Biegel below, carbo-protein-loading for her next round of attacks on the Palins.
No Sheeples Here! has more information:

Dan Riehl, who features Biegel's Facebook photo to the right of an earlier post, adds this:
Apparently Linda Kellen Biegel thinks it funny to alter an image to portray Trig as her "humorous" version of what a child with Down's syndrome would look like.

At right is what Linda Kellen Biegel's un-altered picture looks like.

Need I say more?

She must be relying on PETA to protect her. But I doubt they'll want that face for one of those warm fuzzy billboards during "Hug an Animal" week.
See Memeorandum as well, for example, Sister Toldjah, "Yet Another Sterling Example of Liberal “Compassion”."

But see especially, Conservatives for Sarah Palin, "
Obsession Clouds Common Decency ."


Tim said...

Now that's funny!

AmPowerBlog said...

In other words, no comment ...

Eh Tim?

Tim said...

I've made my comments elsewhere. I give a pretty wide birth to parody and satire Donald. I said this was an unfortunate picture, and I don't support nor would I personally do something like that. I just think some of the outrage is a bit manufactured. That's all.

JBW said...

I've got plenty of comments Don, and I even updated the post for you. Cheers.

Greg said...

It should be noted that Biegel is the Official DNC Blogger in Alaska, and has been since the campaign. Biegel's site is featured on the AK Dem Party site. She is also one of a coordinated group who files "ethics" complaints against Gov. Palin. Biegels complaint was that Gov. Palin wearing an Arctic Cat jacket to the iron dog race made her a "walking billboard" for Arctic Cat. This complaint was thrown out as having no merit since most people wear coats, jackets, etc. with a company logo on them.

The picture has now been removed from Biegel's site. An email campaign asking the AK Dem Party if they approved her antics paid off. Hopefully, the dems up there will put an end to Biegel's activities.

repsac3 said...

The Right's Misogynistic Hatred?

Misogyny... Only disgusting to some, when it's scatological, I guess...

Tom the Redhunter said...

Thank you, JBW, for confirming that you are a vile person. As if there was any doubt at this point.