Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama Health Takeover! All Taxes on the Table!

Via Midnight Blue, "Everything Is On The Table" (link):

Also, Amy Walter, "Not In My Health Plan: Would-Be Reformers Must Convince Voters That An Overhaul Won't Affect Their Care."


Rusty Walker said...

Unfortunately the Obama Health Care Plan has too many democratic votes to hope to fight. If and when it goes through, it will cripple the economy and give us rationed health care. The concept of government subsidies, competing in the market, private companies will never be able to compete. It will socialize medicine. I actually like the idea, the somewhat utopian idea, where everyone is covered. It worked in Australia. But the population of Australia is small, comparable to some of our states. Our version will be worse than Canada. This may be Obama’s Waterloo.