Friday, June 26, 2009

James "Barebacker" Webb

You can't make this stuff up!

From "
Brainrage," who thrives on informality in his insistence on calling me "Don." And then, in another example of his glorious hypocrisy, turns around and demands that folks use his full name:

... it's James B. Webb. Get it right, Don ...

Actually, I NEVER gave James B. Webb permission to call me by my first name, AND THEN TO SHORTEN IT INTO CRUDE MONIKER OF MAN-CRUSH AFFECTION!

Obviously, James B. Webb ignored my earlier memo:

I think all of my readers should call me Dr. Douglas. 'It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title.

Hey, man ... it's cool. If he insists, James "Barebacker" Webb it is!

And I mean, SERIOUSLY!! James's link to that
OUT website is like a buffed-gay gold mine!

Here's another blog that came to my attention through James B. Webb's blogging: "

And don't forget what I said earlier, "
I don't do the flip-floppy on the side!"

Photo Credit: "Best Gay Bloggers."


UPDATE: My friend Stogie at Saberpoint has joined the debate, "Jimmy B. Webb: What's a Libertarian-Socialist?"


Stogie said...

Donald, I posted an article about Jimmy Webb and your blogfight with him. Take a look.

repsac3 said...

Whatever you do or don't do on the side is nobody's business but your own... (And that just may be the point.)

But Jesus Sheeples, Dr. Don... Really?

Rusty Walker said...

Hi guys.
I am, new to all this blogging. Donald you are much smarter and more politically savvy than most anyone I know, and our friendship aside, I wonder at these diatribes going back and forth?

No one wins in this name calling in my humble view. I am not taking sides, and not taking either of you to task, as reading even this level of verbal street fighting by writers is quite illuminating, rather like an update of William Buckley and Gore Vidal – but, taken out into the parking lot, and into this century’s technological back alley.

Having said that, it is your blog, I enjoy it, I don’t have to read some of the content, so I will spare you the comeback, “Rusty, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.” There. None of my business, and I’ll throw in: “Well, no one asked you, by the way.” Okay, I got it.

…But, I think you are both above this level of gutter fisticuffs. When and how do these things get this personal? It is rather like settling in at the Belmont and suddenly two rival thoroughbreds leap into the air at each others throats. I thought this was a race format, with various finish lines.

Please don’t take this personally, either of you. I can’t debate like this in my family, mixed with mostly liberals and a few conservatives, who do not know how to keep emotions out of it. So, this forum was a great find.

Attempts to discredit each other, in my opinion, are irrelevant to the complexities of the politics at hand.

Again, none of my business.

Rusty Walker said...

Footnote: I may be sticking my neck out further here, and this might horrify you both, but on some level, both of you obviously have some respect for each other’s intellectual acumen, or you wouldn’t chose to spend so much time and effort in fiery, verbal exchanges.

A fighter is best defined in his time by the measure of his opponents. A good fight is a clean fight.