Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Democratic Values! Left-Wing Alaska Operative 'Ghoulshops' Trig Palin!

A top Alaska Democratic Party operative once again proves the everyday demonology of left-wing secular progressives.

Gateway Pundit and Conservatives for Sarah Palin, it turns out that Linda Kellen Biegel, the publisher of Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, has Photoshopped a ghoulish picture of Trig Palin at her blog. She's also linked by the Alaska Democratic Party website:

From Conservatives for Sarah Palin:
Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Is this the position of the Alaska Democratic party? Keep in mind that she was the official Alaska blogger for the DNC.

Does Bob Poe,
who attended a Q&A with Linda Biegel, approve of this?

Actually, why don't you email
Bob Poe himself to find out...
And she's linked at the Alaska Democrat's website!

this link for the e-mail addresses to Alaska State Democratic Party officials.

Biegel's Facebook link (available from a public Google search). Send her a "friend" request with a personal message!


UPDATE: Celtic Diva's response is here. And this is what it's all about:

When folks like this think a radio talk show host is a "Homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible-Thumping Nazi, Gay Bashing, Tea-Bagging Racist, White Guy Bigot," it's pretty clear they're not losing sleep over "ghoulshopping" Trig Palin into a grotesque ridicule of Downs syndrome.

More information here:
For those of you who might be unaware, Linda Kellen Biegel was one of the people who filed a frivolous ethics complaint against Gov. Palin. Her complaint claimed that the governor abused the Ethics Act because she wore a jacket with ... the logo of the company that sponsors her husband in the Iron Dog snowmachine race. Biegel's ridiculous complaint was, of course, dismissed, but not after costing the governor thousands of dollars in legal debt to defend herself. You can donate to the governor's legal defense fund, The Alaska Fund Trust, here.Biegel's use of this sick photoshop is part of her efforts to raise money for her next frivolous ethics complaint.


Tim said...


So, would you put this on a par with the South Carolina politician who did the Obama as a "spook" in the image of Presidents, and posted a comment to Facebook comparing Michelle Obama to an escaped gorilla?

Just curious. Obviously, I support neither.

AmPowerBlog said...

It's your party, Tim!!

Tim said...

Donald, that was a GOP operative that did this, i.e. YOUR PARTY.

Your response, kind sir?

AmPowerBlog said...


She lying:

"She is claiming that it was a photoshop of the Alaska radio talk show host Eddie Burke being held in Gov. Palin's arms ...

The photoshop doesn't look at all like Eddie. It simply looks like a grotesque manipulation of Gov. Palin's beautiful baby boy. It was a tasteless and heartless thing to do. It was the sort of thing a person who is sick with hatred would do.

Biegel then makes a crude sexual suggestion about Eddie Burke and the governor. Biegel is objectifying the governor. Turning her into a sex object and suggesting that Eddie's admiration of her is nothing more than hormonal.

Why do they always attack her for her "femaleness" -- for her appearance or her attractiveness as a woman or her role as a mother? It's crude and sexist. It's not okay.

Let your voices be heard. As noted above, Linda Kellen Biegel was the official Alaskan blogger at the DNC convention..."

JBW said...
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JBW said...

Please disregard my last comment. I decided to write a post about this instead. Enjoy.

repsac3 said...

JBW's post is better than mine (American Nihilist: Sarah, Trig, and Eddie, the HRSBTNGBTBRWGB H8R), but both make it pretty clear who that face belongs to. (Of course, if anyone is still unsure, they need only follow that "talk radio show host" link in Dr. Douglas' update, and watch the youtube vid, where Eddie himself admits that that's his ghoulish mug.) Is it disgusting to give Trig Eddie's face?
Well, maybe... Eddie seems to think so... (& were I him, I might, too.)

One thing's for sure... There was a whole lot less manufactured outrage (in fact, none that I can find) when it was LettermanTrig... Maybe because it was done in cartoon?

As JBW asks at his post, whatever will be the next "Palin Outrage of the Week?"

Tim said...

That is obviously a photoshop job of that guy's head, Donald. Trust me. Not making excuses. But I know photoshop and faces. Look at the nose.

That said, I notice there was ZERO outrage when the GOP operative in S.C. did racist imagery of the Prez. I guess what's good for the goose aint' good for the gander.

Chris Wysocki said...

@Tim - I guess you don't get out much. There was plenty of "outrage" about the S.C. idiot. Including mine.

Dennis said...

Instead of condemning this outrage what we get is deception and a changing of the subject. Anything but to actually deal with this garbage. Always the excuse packaged like every child does when caught that everyone else is doing it whether that is true or not. The difference is that most of us condemn this type of behavior no matter where it originates.
I have gotten so used to Tim dissembling and not having a clue I almost ignore him.
There would not need to be a Palin outrage of the week if those on the Left spent less time demonizing and more time actually defending their own ideas, but alas this is why they demonize. It becomes increasingly harder to justify much of what is the left so it is all they have got. Nothing unusual here. Deception for the Left is what replace virtue, moral turpitude and even a slight bit of compassion.

Tim said...

Dennis and Chris: I said I support neither action. This whole thing is a bit stupid. But Donald said that this was a distorted image of a down syndrome child. It is not. It's a obvious tasteless parody. Sort of like when the New Yorker had the picture of Michelle and Barack on the cover as Arab terrorists. Where was your outrage then? You know, this is really like how you don't support an extreme right-wing whacko who attacks a Jewish museum, or an extreme right-winger who kills policemen. Or an extreme right-winger who claims the moral high ground, yet cheats on this wife. Or an extreme right-winger who is a GOP party operative who creates a picture of all the white presidents, but reserves the one for Obama as a "spook."

This is an insensitive photo manipulation. I agree with that. All I ask is that your "outrage" have equal time.

repsac3 said...
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repsac3 said...

...and--(if I may add to Tim's though with one I think he would agree with)--that every liberal (in this case, or Con, in the situations Tim replied with) not be tarred as though we're all guilty of the crime. Go ahead & be mad at the photo-shopper or whatever, but leave "all libs/cons" out of it.

This photoshop no more represents "Democratic Values!" than the photoshop & joke on Chris' site represents "Republican Values!"

It's just a few idiots with overly partisan feelings, a nasty streak, and too much time on their hands...

Stogie said...

It's interesting watching Tim's Democrat-apologist technique. First he uses moral-equivalence, i.e., the "they all do it" argument. However, it does nothing to exonerate Biegel and introduces an irrelevant tidbit into the discussion as a means of changing the subject.

Tim's shenanigans however, cannot erase the point of the article: the irrational hatred of Sarah Palin by members of Tim's own party.

Next he tries to lessen the severity of Biegel's expression of public hatred by explaining it, vetting it, deconstructing it, all in an effort to dissipate the anger from her misdeed.

You're good Tim; you should work for the Dems' talking-point dessimination team. You certainly are Machiavellian enough.

Rusty Walker said...

Hey, look guys, you may have read my essays, I am a staunch Republican, but, repsac3 has a point, and so does Tim.

I, for one, would not want to be heaped in with the extremists on each party’s side. I don’t think that is moving the argument forward in any way.

I received a forward of that presidential chart. Now, bear with me, I collect first edition biographies of the presidents. I was intrigued. Wow! A poster for my den (My wife calls it the Man Room)…Then I opened it and low and behold the images of the presidents were very good portrait quality, until the last…I was horrified! I was mortified to think that Obama would ever see this. My Mom (88) had sent me this poster and asked what I thought. Here is what a Republican says when no one is watching:

Hi Mom,
Yes, this is a poster of all the presidents with the exception of Barak Hussein Obama.

The last image is supposed to be funny. But, it isn't, because it is a racial slur. It is two eyes emerging from a dark background, which is a racial cliché,' I find it juvenile and offensive!

I may have problems with how Obama is ruining the already distressed economy and ignoring our enemies who are building nuclear capability. I am convinced that we are going to have a repeat of WWII with two fronts: North Korea will attack either our ships or South Korea; and Iran will try to incinerate Israel. At that time we will learn the mettle of Obama.

But, people that make offensive posters like this don't help the image of the opposition. Would you agree?

Love, Rusty

As a deep admirer of Martin Luther King, and continuing affection over many years for my many personal friends in boxers and musicians, over the years – friends who were variously, Negro (1950s), then, colored (1960s), then black (1970s), then Afrro-Americans (1980s), then African-American, that is a lot to go through, my mentors, all. I would stand up and fight with the minorities against this sort of imbecilic visual that claims NO party. They have no right to speak for Republicans.

Those that Photoshop Palin and child images are the lowest form of humanity- They have no right to speak for Democrats.

The good Republicans and the good Democrats that make up this great country do not have to resort to this. We will need each other if and when the missiles are incoming.

Rusty Walker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rusty Walker said...

JBW, Okay, all due respect to my good friend Donald, I agree, I’ll give you this, it looks like Eddie Burke. And I’ll give it to him that he even thinks this is clever – I used to be a Provost a college that teaches Animation/Photoshop. So I know the ghoulish visuals students can come up with.

So, maybe he thinks this is funny. It isn’t. But, you, as a person who has a downs syndrome child in the family - I find it hard to believe that you don't think this is over the top. When Letterman went too far, he eventually apologized. It took a while, but I found that redeeming. Were the Republicans to Photoshop Obama and Michele in such a way the left would rightly be outraged (I highly disagreed with the cover issue with the Obama’s as what looked to me as Taliban, as I remember).

People sometimes put it out there in this culture looking for the cheap laugh. But, don't you think, even as a cynical-libertarian socialist, that this is a morbid path to go down, if you are trying to influence?

Or, maybe at the advanced age of 63 I am losing my sense of humor.

JBW said...

Rusty, you look younger than 63 in your picture. Please excuse the brevity of my reply as I am well into my second bottle of wine and am going to fall asleep soon.

While most on the right have seen this as a photoshop of a Down's baby, I have seen it as a photoshop of a woman holding a baby. Blue Oasis' point (whether you agree with it or not) was to portray Eddie Burke as a child in the arms of Sarah Palin. I wrote at my site, the physical or mental condition of the baby in the photo is irrelevant, the photoshop only used the relatively anonymous body of the child to portray Burke in a humorous light.

As someone with a Down's child as a beloved sibling, I see nothing wrong with this adaptation that would not be wrong with the same done with a baby of regular mental faculties. Now, whether you believe that it is right to use the beheaded infant body of a political opponent in a fundraiser graphic is a valid point, but don't tell me that you think that the intention here was to smear or make fun of a mentally-handicapped child.

Don and his sycophants are taking advantage of the fact that Trig is so handicapped to try and demonize Blue Oasis for their opposing political views. I've read your comments here before and I respect what you have to say. All I ask on this point is that you view the incident without the "poor retard" blinders I see on so many in our society.

Rusty Walker said...

Thank you for the compliment of “looking younger than 63” (the photo was taken this year). I have worked out all my life, so I take some pride in that, I suppose.

I understand the points made.

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