Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Stands With Latin Strongmen

Fausta Wertz has been doing the top blogging on the Honduran constitutional crisis. Check her latest post this afternoon, "Honduras: What Was On the Referendum Ballots Printed in Venezuela?"

But check Power Line, "Obama Stands With Castro, Chavez and Ortega":

In condemning the removal of Honduran President Mel Zelayaya by the Honduran military, Pesident Obama stands shoulder to shoulder with the Fidel Castro and his thug epigones Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. Zelaya sought to conduct an illegal referendum to extend his rule. The Honduran military has sought to enforce the rule of law by providing for Zelaya's departure from the scene. Mary Anastasia Grady explains:

Yesterday the Central American country was being pressured to restore the authoritarian Mr. Zelaya by the likes of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hillary Clinton and, of course, Hugo himself. The Organization of American States, having ignored Mr. Zelaya's abuses, also wants him back in power. It will be a miracle if Honduran patriots can hold their ground.

That Mr. Zelaya acted as if he were above the law, there is no doubt. While Honduran law allows for a constitutional rewrite, the power to open that door does not lie with the president. A constituent assembly can only be called through a national referendum approved by its Congress.

But Mr. Zelaya declared the vote on his own and had Mr. Chávez ship him the necessary ballots from Venezuela. The Supreme Court ruled his referendum unconstitutional, and it instructed the military not to carry out the logistics of the vote as it normally would do.

More at the link.

See also, International Business Daily, "Banana Democrats."

Alvaro Vargas Llosa, "The Winner in Honduras: Chávez," and Glenn Garvin, "Nothing So Shocking About This Coup."

Cartoon Credit: Michael Ramirez.


Dave said...

Dr. D,

I think Michael Ramirez might just read your blog:

Dave said...

Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather.

June 28, 2009 9:26 PM


Rusty Walker said...

This one I cannot understand. Aren’t the more experienced Biden and Clinton team even giving some advice here – why would Obama ever support a President Mel Zelayaya? He is an authoritarian, opportunist, a negligent leader who has become rich at the expense of the neglect of his country, and lawless thugs running amuck in his state. Even his military, closer to the citizen needs, are stepping in.
Why would Obama side with Castro, Chavez and Ortega to support a president who decides to change the constitutional process to extend his reign?

This is another warning sign of Obama and Administration’s misinformed and misguided obsequious behavior that promises to lead us down an uncharted path to oblivion. I truly am disappointed, but also getting nervous about his foreign policy decisions, once again.