Saturday, June 27, 2009

Barack Obama and North Korea's March to War

From Pamela Geller's new piece at the American Thinker, "North Korea's March to War"
North Korea has been busy, busy, busy since the election of our weak President. This week, they have sharply increased their war rhetoric. On Wednesday they issued this threat: "If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will ... wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all." And on Thursday they promised a "fire shower of nuclear retaliation" if the U.S. attacked them. The media is pretending that it isn't happening, whistling in the dark, but how can anyone avoid noticing that since Obama's failed policies have been introduced, the evil forces of the world have been unleashed?
The full essay is here.

Added: Hot Air, "US won’t use force to inspect NoKo ship." And Memeorandum.


Dave said...

The "presidency" of this previously unknown former street agitator is on a pace to be a far larger disaster than even I had thought possible.


Rusty Walker said...

There is still the possibility that when the ship that is expected to run out of gas, ports, the local authorities along with the U.N. may board. The U.N. non-proliferation resolution gives the right to board in the event of suspect cargo, but cannot remove items. It would take a country ready to risk a clash to do that. We currently do not have a president or congress that appears willing to risk conflict. That may very well lead to further eroding of respect for the U.S. and its deteriorating ability to impede nuclear proliferation in the world. This does not bode well. No one can say they were not warned continually about NK or Iran.

Rusty Walker said...
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