Sunday, June 28, 2009

Talking About Ugly Babies

I got a longer e-mail from a reader on the debate thread at yesterday's post, "Democratic Epic Moral Fail!" This portion is the second, concluding half of the e-mail:

A commenter named ex DLB posits: "To be perfectly fair, Eddie Burke was probably just as ugly as a baby. Sorry if that upsets anyone." And JBW replies: "There's nothing worse than an ugly baby, ex DLB."

Okay ... dance around this as much as you like, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist, nor an intellectual genius to understand that Trig Palin is the baby being discussed here. It's just another of the 'nudge, nudge' comments made by these quasi intellectual, heartless, individuals whose words are used to cause as much pain as possible. No wonder the Greek root of the word "sarcasm" means "to tear the flesh." Dr. Douglas, you are right in calling them out on this, and exposing them for what they are. Their treatment of Governor Palin and her innocent children aren't their only targets, obviously. How sad when one's purpose in life is nothing more than to tear down another's reputation, and to harm them, emotionally. If this is representative of the Democratic majority, then we, as a nation, are in big, big trouble.

I sent the reader the link to another post, where "ex DLB" adds, "And Don, you were probably an ugly baby, too."

James "Barebacker" Webb is an inveterate hypocrite, as I've noted previously. And the leftists just can't get away from calling neoconservatives ugly babies! Man that is rich!

And who was that "descending into madness"?


JBW said...

That was you, Don. While your ever increasing obsession with me and my humble writings is flattering I am beginning to question your sanity. Here's hoping that you're still able to discern the online world from the real when you come home to your family at night. Cheers, guy.

AmPowerBlog said...

Actually, no, James Barebacker. That was an anonyous e-mailer who doesn't want you going to pollute her blog.

JBW said...

"And who was that 'descending into madness'?"

That was you, cupcake. I'm not saying that you're making up emails. Try to discern the voices in your head from those that are actually speaking to you, guy.

AmPowerBlog said...

Readers: I'm going to try to ignore James "Barebacker" Webb's man-crush affections.

As readers know, he's struck out badly with the ladies. He's been shifting poofter gears for some time now, as noted.


Just stay the F*** back away from my readers, dude!

JBW said...

Ho,ho,ho! A gay joke, the epitome of clever, nuanced humor. I take back everything I've ever said about Republicans not being funny, Don. If you decide to bust out some "yo mama" stuff my sides will really be sore.

Kevin Robbins said...

Actually, it doesn't take an intellectual genius to see that Trig Palin had nothing to do with it and it was about Eddie Burke. Is the comment referencing you, about Trig Palin, as well?

If you guys are so anxious to turn Sarah Palin into Joan of Arc, I'm more than willing to watch. Today's Republican party, always victims. Is that how Goldwater and Reagan reached the pinnacles they achieved?

Dave said...

I am developing a theory that libs were secretly raised in barns by farm animals, as they are utterly devoid of class, manners, taste or the linear logic required to complete a successful street crossing.

And there is that malodorous air always hanging about...


JBW said...

Ah, I see that Dave is using Political Talking Point Form 21-a: All liberals are ____________. Make sure you attach Corollary Form 57-c: Conservatives never ____________. when you turn this in with your PTS reports.

Oh, and I'm gonna need your Swingline stapler too. M'kay? Thanks a bunch.