Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Attack of the Leftist Hate Monkeys!

I thought James B. Webb was a beaten man by now. But no, he's back with another depraved smear against me, "American Power Powers Down."

Actually, I didn't "power down." It was James B. Webb who was down for the count (after the brutal pounding he took in the last round). He's back up, in any case; but I'm not in the mood to deal with this sick little boy right now, so please take a look at Andrew Klavan's recent dealings with another batch of beasts from the netroots swamps, "
Attack of the Leftist Hate Monkeys!":
Last week, my Pajamas Express blog suffered an onslaught by these leftist haters. As far as I can tell, they were spurred on by someone named Glenn Greenwald, whom I don’t know, but who seems to have inspired them with a nonsensical personal attack of his own and then sent them forth like the Wicked Witch dispatching her flying monkeys. Now, my policy has always been to allow all comments on my site. I enjoy the debate, occasionally learn from it and frequently get a laugh from some hostile wit who lands a good one on me.

So at first I shrugged off the Attack of the Leftist Hate Monkeys. As a result, they were allowed to darken the atmosphere for other readers and commenters and detract from the generally free and jovial bellicosity of online discussion. Thus, after a weekend of meditatively beating my wife, relaxing around the men’s room glory hole and skewering babies to watch them writhe and die, I’ve decided I’ll ever-so-slightly modify my policy. All opinions – by which I mean ALL opinions – remain welcome. Snarkiness, sarcasm, satire, pointed wit, commonplace nastiness will still make the grade. Even low-level name-calling is all right if it applies. Nothing wrong with the occasional “boor” or “knucklehead.” But cursing, strangled cries of hate-filled rage, disturbing personal attacks that reveal more about the attacker’s sick mind than we want to know—they’re gone. Send that stuff to my mailbox through my personal website. You can be sure I’ll give it the consideration it deserves.
There's more at the link.

Perhaps Mr. Klavan might take exception to James B. Webb's nickname. But before anyone has ideas, I'd suggest folks read John Hawkins' piece, "Attention Conservatives: Nice Guys Do Finish Last."

It's too bad James and his leftist friends have stooped to such a low level. But being conservative doesn't mean having to cave to these idiots.