Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock-Throwing Protesters Put Iranian Police on the Run!

I looked around yesterday for an embeddable copy of this BBC video. It shows a clash between Iranian police and protesters. If you didn't catch it yet, watch all the way to the end.


Rusty Walker said...

This was exhilarating to watch.

Just curious, do you Democrats out there, that so consistently heap insults at the conservative bloggers on this site, have anything positive to contribute to this Iranian cause? Or, is their just anger at the right, regardless? Isn’t there some solidarity somewhere? I keep reading distracting comments about how American failed policies, and so on, and think, hey, the left must want an American-style liberty for these oppressed people. Aren’t we all Americans in these types of issues, that want this freedom for Iran, and an end to oppression?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I've been in a situation like this. It was obvious from the beginning of this video that the police were outnumbered and in danger for their lives.

If this is the norm, this regime will respond as all totalitarians do, by bringing in a military presence to violently and once and for all end the protests. It's a win-win for the regime because the world will express its outrage and buckle under as they did in China.

The world will never unite and isolate this regime because the leaders are gutless and our president is right in line. Shame.

repsac3 said...

I don't know whether I'm one of those who "heaps insults at" much of anyone--not unprovoked, anyway--but I'll speak up.

I'm in full support of the Iranian people who're standing up for protecting the vote and increasing the freedom in their country. I've read conflicting reports about what it is they're standing up for--& I suspect that there are different groups among the whole, fighting for different things, as in most large scale protests against one's current government--but all of them seem to be demanding more power and more freedoms for the people of Iran.

I neither think America or any American deserves credit for starting this revolution (directly or indirectly), nor do I think America or any American can or will deserve credit or blame for how it ends, be they successful or unsuccessful. This is about Iran and the Iranian people, not about us.

I support the fine line Obama is walking, rhetorically. While it'd be more satisfying for us to have him declare war on Iranian tyranny in the most vitriolic terms, I believe it likely that the risks of that behavior outweigh the rewards for the people of Iran, who matter more in this situation than whatever "USA is #1" satisfaction we may derive from such declarations. As the circumstances in Iran change, my thinking about how our President should handle them may change, too.

While this video is exhilarating (and appeals to that kickass macho American in me), I'm also moved by the video of a woman (a protester, by most accounts) who protects one of those motorcycle thugs from the wrath of other protesters after his motorcycle is taken down. (There are at least three such stories I've heard, so far.) I don't blame the protesters who're trying to hit & kick him, but I'm inspired by the woman trying to protect him. I'd like to think she knows she's protesting for his benefit too, whether he knows it or not.

Rusty Walker said...

Thanks repsac3 for the response. While direct debates are the usual format here, I think it was informative for conservatives to hear your direct thoughts on the events.

It may just be me, but, sometimes the vigorous back-and-forth of egos, debating issues, blurs real feelings and beliefs - sometimes, not always, rules out the "common ground" Obama talked about. Thanks, again.