Thursday, June 25, 2009

James Webb, Atheist Hypocrite, Loves teh Gays

James Webb, of Brain Rage, was creepily interested in my post last night, "Democratic Values! Left-Wing Alaska Operative 'Ghoulshops' Trig Palin!"

In his entry, "American Power and Trig Palin 'Ghoulshopping', James agrees radical Linda Biegel's Photoshop of Trig Palin was indeed "ghoulish." But then he attempts to walk it back because it wasn't really Trig. It was "just" the "evil" Eddie Burke:

Now while I wouldn't go so far as Don in saying that he's a grotesque ridicule of Down Syndrome I will say that he does indeed look a bit ghoulish ...

Hunh ... (gasping here, eyes bulging out of sockets) ... WTF!! It's ghoulish or it ain't! Help me out, yo!

Oh, you know what? It's not ghoulish if it's Palin's baby, because the Palins are Wasilla hillbillies and Eddie Burke's ... well, he's a "Homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible-Thumping Nazi, Gay Bashing, Tea-Bagging Racist, White Guy Bigot!

Okay, gotcha! That makes it a-okay!

Actually, full snark stop here for a second ... it's not okay!

Weasel Zippers nails it: "Something this vile, mean spirited and vitriolic is the sole property of the left..."

And Texas for Palin adds this, "Shocked? Don't be. These are Democrats. It's what they do. It's who they are."

Conservatives for Sarah Palin have been updating their original post all day, for example, this shocker! "
Dr. Chill: Liar, Liar; Now They're Claiming That We Made the Photo Ugly."

But that's just the typical dishonesty and hypocrisy you get from the radical leftists.

Another quick example is James Webb's policy of tracking hit pieces on American Power back to ... wait for it ... American Power!

That's right! Can you believe it?!! This freak, James Webb, writes a post hammering me as representing "
everyday stupidity of right-wing religious neoconservatives." And then he tracks-back, twice, like a MOFO LINK WHORE - FREAKING A!!

I am not even kidding! Dude! You can't make this sh** up! Check the track-back links,
here and here! It's like, yo, he thinks I'm a bro or something!

And guess what? What's so wierd about it is that, yeah, I'm like totally cool with folks leaving their hits in my comments section. I'm a link whore myself, frankly. No shame in it, IMHO, as long as everyone reciprocates.

BUT JAMES WEBB FLIPPED A WIG WHEN I DROPPED MY BLACK FLAG PUNK POST IN HIS COMMENTS A WHILE BACK -or some such bunk, who knows WTF is up with this guy's hysterics??!!

It turns out that James Webb sent me a whacked, totally pissed-off HOLY HELL INDIGNANT e-mail to show it:

I warned you once before Don when you shamelessly linked some post about your skateboarding youth on a completely unrelated comment thread at my site. I left that link up and made it clear that I would delete any future comments not at least tangentially relevant to their posts ...
Okay, okay, what was it? Maybe my post wasn't "tangentially related." It's not like I was trying to rip the guy a new one with, well, stuff like:

The term 'sore losers' seems a bit simplistic and trite to explain this apparent derangement and never ending persecution complex but at this point I can't think of any other rational explanation for this type of behavior.
Sheesh, that's what I get for trying to be a homie! Man, remind me never to try to drop off an old punk rock post at some WANNABE-HIP dude's freaking blog! Forget about, ah ... you know, trying to be, like, friendly!!

But wait!!

That's not all!

James Webb hearts him teh gays, but he doesn't like it one bit when you call him out on it! Remember my post on "
How to Get a Blogger Content Warning"? That's where you can find some gay homo-sex blogs by clicking through James's OUT Campaign link. Alexander the Gay's blog pops right up (but wait, don't go there ... unless you're looking to see James' phat-hung Asian dudes!).

It's like I told folks: "Shoot, if you need a happening online portal to teh well-hung gays, James Webb is your man!"

But, boy, did the dude flip his stack at that one! James was steaming hotter than a spooge-soaked hunk of throbbing gristle!!

(Oh yeah, snark's back on here, just in case anyone takes this too seriously.)

I'm surprised too! James is down with the homosexuals, so you wouldn't think he'd get so pissed about giving folks the heads up on his gay-supporting atheism. I mean, really, James is totally down on the e-mails to his bro Andrew Sullivan, and
the Atlantic's barebacker even links to James blog! Now that is inside baseball! Switch-hitting too!


Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

Just be careful dude! With the support of
Linda Biegel, James is practically getting over there into Trig-Truther territory! And even more importantly, you've got to look out for that AIDS-related dementia! Pretty soon, we'll have to get Christopher Badeaux to put up a huge bio-piece nailing down James' descent into anti-neocon (anti-Semitic) madness!

But hey, everything's cool, alright?

I'm not going to delete James' spam links in my comments section. Just as long as he stays the f*** back, okay? I like teh gays ... really, some of my best friends ... But frankly, I don't do the flip-floppy on the side!


Rusty Walker said...

I noticed, no one dare comment…
…with you guys, unlike Leadbelly, who once warned at a casual jokester: “I don’t play.”

...You guys play rough!

I learned some new words in that blog.

smitty1e said...

Help. What is a "Libertarian-Socialist". One wonders if Webb consumes "vegan haggis".

JBW said...

I was born and raised in Texas, smitty1e. I enjoy eating anything and everything that once had parents. Snap.

Touche, Don. You'll find my riposte here. Adieu, mon ami.

JBW said...

Oh, two more things: 1) it's James B. Webb. Get it right, Don. And 2) Nobody who photoshops me can get my sweet-ass hair right. Take some lessons, Sheeples. I'm out.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I officially feel really old and out of it after reading this post. It reminded me of reading AP US history essays recently, wherein some of them the penmanship was so bad I could only pick up every third word.

As RW said, I picked up some new words in here. I wish I could say I know what you were talking about, but I only speak English. :)

Maybe you can publish a book, blogging for dummies with subtitles and stuff. Take care, sir.

repsac3 said...

I've read this post several times over several hours, hoping to come up with a reply...
But there really isn't one.

Even at my "diabolical satire" site, I could do little more than note both posts, and--as I'm wont to do--leave it for the readers to evaluate and adjudicate for themselves:

American Nihilist: Touchy, meet touché.


Just wow.

Stogie said...

Donald, Webb posted a picture of a man holding a sign. Who is that in the picture? Is that you or someone else?

AmPowerBlog said...

Stogie, the original photo of me is here. I'm a "Homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible-Thumping Nazi, Gay Bashing, Tea-Bagging Racist, White Guy Bigot!"

Oh, wait, I'm not a white guy! Incongruity is James Webb's thing. Yowza, too hot to handle for James "Barebacker" Webb!

AmPowerBlog said...

"Oh, two more things: 1) it's James B. Webb. Get it right, Don ..."

You got it, "James "Barebacker" Webb".

JBW said...

Oh, the barbs! They sting, they sting! Take thy pen from out my heart, Don.

JBW said...

Oh, and when did I ever call you white? Link that hypocritical shit up, yo!

repsac3 said...

JWB, my homie...

It's way lost in the incoherent ramble, but back on earth, the conservative radio guy that Palin is/isn't sleeping with, who did/didn't get Alaskan gov't e-mails critical of the local Dems, there, courtesy of Sarah--Eddie Burke's his name, which I think Dr Don did include in the post there somewhere--wore this shirt in one of Linda's photoshopped photos.

The thing is, it's Eddie's real shirt, "rasist" spelling error and all. Why Dr. Don simultaneously identifies with and is repulsed by it is anyone's guess, but there you go...

JBW said...

I hear ya, Reppy. I saw the shirt, only I've neither posted a picture of it nor have I ever quoted it. I know that Don's not white.

I'm just wondering how my posting a picture of Don tea-bagging is an incongruity as it pertains to his race.

shannon said...

Wow! I have never read your blog before, but wow! Why the calling James gay? Are you a Republican and a Christian or just a Republican? Those were some super ugly words to say if you are a Christian. It sounds like you guys should not read each other's blogs or try to photoshop anymore. I am also sensing some pent up anger.