Thursday, June 25, 2009

YouTube Censors Pro-Life Live Action Films

Via Cassy Fiano, "YouTube Removes an Anti-Abortion Video From Live Action Films:

Planned Parenthood Falsely Says Abortion Pictures Are "not Real" - Funny videos are here

Yesterday, Live Action Films posted the following video to YouTube...

It has since been removed by YouTube with no detailed explanation other than a “violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines”.

Here are YouTube’s community guidelines that could be considered relevant to this particular video ...

Read the whole thing, here.

YouTube took Live Action's videos down, but left up the clips of Neda Soltan's murder in Iran. Hmm ... must be
a neocon/Ahmedinejad thing? Either that, or they didn't want to miss the ad revenue.

See also, Jill Stanek, "
Mainstream Media's Selective Censorship of Iconic Images, Even TODAY."


Mark30339 said...

Let me review, 1. Google runs YouTube, 2. Google censors conservative speech on YouTube. Ipso facto, since Google runs Blogger, how long before it censors conservative speech here? And I can't help forget how Google helped the Obama campaign in expunging caches of embarrassing webpages. Google's morphing into a BigBrother empire should be causing concern - but where do we turn?