Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama Shamelessly Throws Himself at the Iranian Mullahs

From Dr. Sanity's morning post, on President Obama's Fourth of July invitation to Iran's mullah diplomats:

Are you proud to be hosting a bunch of murderous, lying thugs on our national holiday of freedom and liberty? Are you proud of Obama's simpering, fawning behavior when it comes to the Iranian "Supreme" Leader? Maybe all we needed to do with Saddam was to invite him for coffee and donuts at the White House to seduce him into change his genocidal ways? ...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he wants the Mullahs to be on U.S. soil when N. Korea's nukes start raining down ...
The Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

JBW said...

Neither does Don on both counts Philippe, but he'll write every post as if he does. Obama is the enemy and everything he does is wrong; this was decided when he was elected. Which is why Don's ruminations are not to be taken seriously by rational adults. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear JBW: It's refrshing to see a Lefty who can see the truth:

"Obama is the enemy and everything he does is wrong..."

but is too stubborn to go where it leads:

"....this was decided when he was elected."

No no, the evidence was plain to see long before he was elected. The pious assertion that he would sit down with McCain after they were both nominated and decide how much public money they would take for the fall campaign, letting McCain do so, and then smirking as all those campaign contributions from "Karl Marx" flowed in from overseas, and that dummy McC lay in the dust, wondering what the hell had gone wrong---ah, that was more than enough for any adult not blinded by Bush-loathing to be wary of The One. Since his election there's the nominating (and usually confirmation) of every tax cheat in the Ivy League to run the Executive, the firing of Inspectors General who object to the saturnalia. Then as Michael Ramirez points out, The One has solemnly bawled about the evils the US did, even while the Mullahs turn loose the machine guns on their own citizenry and he stuffs ice cream down his gullet so the world can see what a swell Dad he is.

All this is not enough for you I suppose. Well, it is early days yet. Next year when unemployment still serenely bobs above 10%, inflation roars along like the HINDENBURG in its final moments, the citizenry of this nation waits less and less patiently in queues to see a bored doctor who is getting paid by the govt so what the hell is it to you, Mac?, and the UN demands that the US cough up another hundred billion to help with the cleanup of the radioactive debris in Tel Aviv, I'll ask you if that is enough. Till then, sweet one, continue on your touchy way.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

JBW said...


It's refreshing for me as well to have a righty tell me that what I'm saying is the truth rather than just call me names. It was also very nice of you to call me sweet, although I have to warn you that I don't swing that way (but I'm not judging you either).

I also do agree with you that Bush's administration has left us with high unemployment and inflation and that taking your kids out for ice cream is indeed a sign of being a swell dad.

Maybe I am a bit stubborn when it comes to pinpointing when it was decided by the right that Obama was to be hated and that everything he does is to be attacked as wrong and evil. In fact, now that I think about it the right was attacking everything he said and did pretty much as soon as he secured his party's nomination. Good call.

When you can manage to write about these other issues without resorting to Marx references and calling Obama The One I'll address your points as if you were a big boy. Oh, and if Tel Aviv is radioactive by next year I'll buy you an ice cream (just don't try to call me Daddy). Sound fair?