Friday, June 26, 2009

Video: Billie Jean Moon Walk; L.A. Times, Jackson 'Just Beaming With Gladness' at Last Rehearsal

This first video features the clip that I keep seeing over and over today: Michael's Jackson's moonwalk to Billie Jean (1983):

The second video is more recent, and is billed at the YouTube page as the "slickest moonwalk ever done":

If anyone's jonesing for more Michael Jackson gossip, head over to the WeSmirch page. TMZ's got "Michael Jackson — The 911 Call," and "Jackson Family — Demerol Shot Caused Death." Also interesting: X17 Online, "Lisa Marie Says Marriage To Micheal Jackson Wasn't ‘A Sham’."

Plus, check the Los Angeles Times, "
Michael Jackson's Last Rehearsal: 'Just Beaming With Gladness'."