Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coffee Party Fail

William Jacobson has today's must-see post on the "coffee parties." See, "Coffee Party Parasites" (via Memeorandum):

I wrote previously on Annabel Park, the coffee party founder (see, "
The Coffee Party Movement").

It was immediately clear that this woman was a radical progressive. But William's post is vital in illustrating not only her rank duplicity, but her utter sleazebag depravity. Ms. Park is a longtime Democratic Party operative and a major organizer for the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Left Coast Rebel has the details: "Bitter cup of Coffee Party: Digging up the AstroTurf on Annabel Park and the Obama Administration.'

And William links to a bunch of Ms. Park's tweets,
for example:

The more shady activity we see from the Obama "diversity" goons the more clear the Democrats' total panic mode becomes. AND HAVE NO DOUBT: Leftists are scuzzy, dishonest, totalitarian extremists. Remember the famous saying that "dissent is patriotic." Well, again, that's only if you're a radical leftist.

Here's this from
the Coffee Party Facebook page:
This is only my personal opinion: What the GOP obstructionists are doing is not democratic. They should not be in the business of representing ordinary Americans. If they can't change their ways right now, we've got to let them go.
The link there goes to the meme that the GOP has set a record for the filibuster, but of course, the question of protecting minority rights in a democracy is central to the political philosophy of limited government. I've written about the deathwish Democratic Party tyranny of the majority many times. We're just getting the latest iteration with the coffee party apparatchiks. Also at that Facebook link, a "coffee party" video:

Listen to that. It's pretty pathetic, really.

Moe Lane wrote the other day, the rise of the coffee parties, after just one year of the Obama administraion, is "a tacit admission that the Tea Parties have pretty much brushed aside the existing, decades-old infrastructure of Lefty activist groups to become the standard by which community activism is judged."


Chuck said...

Their entire "movement" apparently fits at a single table in a bar.

Up next: the Taffy Party movement. It takes the best of the Tea and Coffee and makes Taffy we can all believe in. It's one guy in a phone booth with a hand puppet.

smitty1e said...

Bacronym Love

Bob Belvedere said...

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