Monday, March 15, 2010

The Coffee Party War!

I can't resist!

Skye at
Midnight Blue offers this great screencap, so I thought I'd share it directly:

In addition, we have this fabulous video from Lee Doren, with commentary from Ed Morrissey, "Coffee Party Group Therapy Session":

Check the video at about 2:45 minutes. We have "Coffee Party" founder Annabel Park claiming that "Democracy isn't supposed to be about two teams fighting ... it is community of people advancing common good."

Well, that's an odd definition of democracy (since, for example, political scientists consider two party competition, er, fighting, as essential to democratic government). But check Ed's
additional comments on the hypocrisy.

See also, Prison Planet, "
Obamanoid Coffee Party Event A Flop Despite Vigorous Corporate Media Coverage," and Republican Heretic, "On the Coffee Party."

RELATED: At Newsbusters, "
CNN: Coffee Party 'Says It Wants Smaller Government and Lower Taxes'."

BONUS: Don't miss Ann Althouse,
"The New Republic illustrates a serious piece about the Tea Party movement with a gross photograph that's meant to evoke the pejorative 'teabagger'" (via Glenn Reynolds).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! And for the great coverage you've been providing on the Coffee Party.

Skye said...

Link to screencap: