Sunday, March 7, 2010

From the Oscars: Jeff Bridges Wins Best Actor

I love him.

Michelle Pfeiffer introduced Jeff Bridges by harking back to "The Fabulous Baker Brothers." That movie was special to me for some reason, but I think Jeff Bridges does that with most of his roles. He seems to get down to the hard cases that touch experience in all of us. Have you ever seen "American Heart"? It's another one that moves emotion, but I think it was "Starman" that was most special, and I saw it at the theater upon its release:

Anyway, CNN has a report, "Bridges wins best actor; 'Locker' has four Oscars." And at the Los Angeles Times, "Jeff Bridges finally wins his Oscar for 'Crazy Heart'."

Footnote: "Hurt Locker" just won best picture, and Kathryn Bigolow for best director. I'll have more on that tomorrow ...


Dennis said...

My first thought, given the lack of quality films emanating from Hollywood, is who cares. The Oscars have taken on the same patina as Al Gore and Obama's Nobel prize, leftist rubbish. As one might be tempted to think,"Never has so many awards been given to so many people with so little talent or true ability."
Most of the really good films I have seen have been foreign films. Some of Ang Lee's early material is very good and you can see why he has thrived here. Some of the best films have come out of Germany, China, Japan, Denmark as an example.
I am happy to see that Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock won Oscars. Whether Kathryn Bigolow deserves one for "Hurt Locker" will remain to be seen. Usually what Hollywood does with films about Iraq, etc, is so political, lacking in factual representation and just poorly acted and done so that they are a waste of time for any discerning individual with active brain cells.
That this won has me wondering whether this one was because it was directed by a woman, fit the leftist narrative or some other reason. It is difficult to give credibility to anything that has the stink of today's Hollywood on it.