Sunday, February 13, 2011

CPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood

Okay, following up from this morning's entry, check the link for full video: "David Horowitz Gives Barnburner at CPAC!" And the transcript is here: "The Muslim Brotherhood Inside the Conservative Movement."

Now it turns out the Muslim Brotherhood debate is becoming one of the bigger stories to emerge from CPAC. Politico covers it from the MFM angle, "
Right Fractures Over Islam" (at Memeorandum).
While a gay rights controversy drew headlines at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another — and even more bitter — dispute rippled as views varied widely on how to reconcile the conservative movement with Islam in the United States.

At the 38th annual conservative gathering, there was no shortage of accusations of Islamist sympathies, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and charges of fear-mongering. Republican presidential hopefuls, including Newt Gingrich and John Thune, also drew applause with suggestions that the Obama administration has taken a politically correct blind eye to the connection between radical Islam and terrorism.

Freshman Rep. Allen West also drew thunderous applause in his keynote speech about the threat to America posed by Islam and other security threats. And as Republican candidates define their national security stands in the 2012 elections, conservative discomfort with Islam in America will be a feature of the debate.

“We are also faced at home and abroad with a mortal threat in political Islam,” conservative activist David Horowitz said in his address to the conference. “Political Islam is a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Islamic law on the entire world through the seizure of states by stealth and electoral means where possible and by terror where necessary and sometimes by a combination of the two. There are hundreds of millions of believers in political Islam.”

CPAC organizers held an official panel on the threat of sharia law, with several other affiliated, but unofficial, events on inclusion, religious liberty and the so-called ground zero mosque controversy, featuring the controversial blogger Pam Geller and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer.

“Sometimes when you hear snide comments about Jews in the ’50s or Muslims today — we’ve been through this. The Republican party chased away the Catholic vote for over a hundred years,” said Grover Norquist, an ACU board member and a tax activist who has tried to bring Muslim voters in to the GOP for more than a decade. “You chase away people politically. The thing about the political effects of bigotry — it can last generations. It’s tough to fix.”
Be sure to RTWT.

When I was a young man, the name Grover Norquist was awe-inspiring. Now it's just pathetic. The dude married Kuwaiti-born Samaah Alrayyes, an Muslim outreach specialist at USAID. Gee, no wonder Grover wants to tamp down criticism of jihad as "Islamophobic." And no wonder the Soros-funded Islamo-appeasing Think Progress is on the case, "
Frank Gaffney Braves Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration To Warn CPAC About Grover Norquist."

And that's not all, Horowitz has an update at NewsReal, a response to the left's hysterics, "
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Fellow Traveling Left at Slate":
Yesterday morning I gave a speech at CPAC warning of the dangers posed by the infiltration of the conservative movement by the Muslim Brotherhood in the person of Suhail Khan and his sponsor Grover Norquist. Both Khan and Norquist are board members of the American Conservative Union, and both spoke at CPAC. The facts about Norquist and Khan which I discussed in my speech were taken from an elaborate dossier presented to the board of the American Conservative Union and posted on This morning SLATE, which is published by the Washington Post, rose to the defense of Khan. This was reminiscent of the past when liberals defended the Soviet spy Alger Hiss and attacked conservatives like Richard Nixon who were attempting to expose Hiss — a parallel I mentioned in my speech ...

In my speech I made the specific charge that Suhail Khan was a protege of his father and of the convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi ... I also charged tht Suhail Khan, along with his patron Grover Norquist, was instrumental in getting President Bush to agree to ban the use of secret evidence in trials of terrorists. This was a campaign launched by the terrorist Sami al-Arian (whose brother, also a member of Palestine Islamic Jihad, was deported on the strength of secret evidence.) Grover Norquist and Suhail used their influence to get al-Arian a face-to-face with George W. Bush who then attacked the use of secret evidence in his campaign and was about to implement al-Arian’s proposed ban when 9/11 took place. Al-Arian who, as the head of PIJ in North America, and its chief financier was responsible for the suicide murders of over 100 people in the Middle East,was also supported in this campaign by the ACLU, The Nation magazine and the American Left. (The ACLU was also one of his chief defenders when he was indicted for terrorist activities and eventually deported.) Suhail Khan has no response to these (or any other) facts because they are true.
For the record, Palestine Islamic Jihad is an umbrella group of Muslim organizations committed to the destruction of Israel. And again, duh, it's no surprise why progressives want to bury the details of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CPAC basically had its own Green-Red alliance working the wings. Seriously. Here's the video of Suhail Khan's bald-face lie at CPAC, "There is no Muslim Brotherhood in America":

God, can he get any worse. David Horowitz outlined all the evidence during his speech. But see Andy McCarthy for good measure, "Unindicted Coconspirators."

And check Politico one more time. Suhail Khan has a standard line attempted to defuse the criticism: "Pam Geller, Robert Spencer — they’re not part of the conservative movement." Project much, Mr. Kahn?

And here's Pamela, during the Q & A on Friday, "There are 12,000 people that come to this event that don't know they've been completely sold out by CPAC leadership":

I'll have more later ...


Martin K said...

"Political Islam is a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Islamic law on the entire world through the seizure of states"

In what quantifiable sense is this any more factually based than stating Jews are trying to take over the world?

Honestly, how?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff here, Professor. We watched the live feed of Horowitz's speech on Saturday morning and haven't been able to stop talking about it since.

Here in our navy blue of blue states Norquist is a hero among our handful of Republicans. When we sent the link to the speech around, they were pretty shocked. So it's good to have your comments and Horowitz's follow-up article to share with them now.

Norquist, then, appears to be the Mohamed ElBaradei of the Right. ElBaradei, married to an Iranian woman connected to the current regime, couldn't find a nuclear device for the U.N. if he'd been bitten on the ass by one. And then collected a tidy $7 million thank-you from the Iranians for his efforts.

If you haven't seen New Zeal's latest on the Soros/Technology/Middle East collapse, check it out. It's all becoming frighteningly clear that we have plenty of rats on our ship from all walks of American life...After reading the article it struck me again how cruelly the Egyptians have been used...

Thanks again for your CPAC-related material, and for all your efforts.

DB said...

Buern the witch!

I see Horowitz is back in SDS mode, just from a different direction.

You know how Obama "pals around with terrorists"? So do you. David Horowitz, traitor.

ck said...

Excellent !!

David Swindle said...

How about from their own documents seized by the FBI? Is that quantifiable enough for you?

Probably not. Evidence and facts don't matter to leftists.