Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Megyn Kelly Hammers Socialist Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer Health!

Via Gateway Pundit, "Megyn Kelly Shouts Down Bernie Sanders On Dem-Only Nationalized Health Care Plan":

Gateway Pundit adds this:

Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer reported on the Democrat-only meeting held yesterday with President Obama on nationalized health care. Dems want to ram this trillion dollar boondoggle through Congress before the August recess.

Like the Stimulus Bill, this will be another Democratic bill. They are excluding Republicans from the process. Then later they'll blame the GOP for not offering any ideas. And, the media will continue to play right along with their liberal cohorts in Congress.

That's how things work these days.
See more on the health debate at the Wall Street Journal, "Why the Health Care Rush? Democrats don't think their bill can stand public inspection."

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Rusty Walker said...

Wow, thanks for this, Donald! I missed it. "No plan"...encouraging? Obama and left-company have no plan, just good intentions. When are the doctors of this country that put in the 8+ years of Med school going to make a united statement? That is what we need to shut this down!