Monday, June 1, 2009

Mitt Romney: Obama "Taking Us Far Too Far to the Left"

Here's Mitt Romney looking good for 2012, on Fox News Sunday: "The American people realize that this administration is taking us far too far to the left; and America is, fundamentally, a center-right nation":

CNN has the story, "Romney: President putting country in jeopardy," via Memeorandum.

Romney speaks quite movingly on the GM bankruptcy as well.

More on that news at the Wall Street Journal, "
President Says U.S. a 'Reluctant Shareholder' As GM Seeks Fresh Start Through Chapter 11." See also, "New Era in Autos as GM Set for Bankruptcy."


cracker said...

Romney is wrong.

You want GM to become "Americas' Car manufacturer" dictated by the people for the people?


Uh , Mitt what about Ford? why punish Ford for having their Sh@# together.......what about Competition?...upstarts like Tesla?

You dont know Jack about Republican Values, let alone American Vales Mitt.

Your gaming the system in the interests of corporate profiteering and cloaking it in ill fitting flags.

This conservative spits on the ground.

smitty1e said...

Linked you here, with what I consider a hilarious commercial.

Anonymous said...

Mitt glosses over the GOP problem. It is(has been fo 7 years) run by liberal liars. They promise to be conservative and then vote over and over for big government "Nanny State" laws. The "leaders" are still these same lefties. Not likely to fool enough voters to gain any seats in '10 unless these progressives are purged, soon.

Rod Stanton
Ceritos, Cal

Rusty Walker said...

Romney is less cardboard now, quicker, more candid and equally charming and likeable here as Obama. Romney for president!