Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Neoconservative Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Congress must act now to pass a Neoconservative Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Such legislation should give federal authorities increased capabilities to engage in hate crimes investigations against those motivated by left-wing hatred who intend to cause injury or death to neoconservatives. Such legislation should give the FBI power to gather data on progressive-leftists who excoriate neoconservative activists, writers, and organizations. Additional provisions could include federal grants to local agencies to investigate groups fomenting hate crimes against neoconservatives. Additionally, such legislation should include a concealed-carry provision allowing neoconservatives to carry handguns for self-protection; and the legislation should allow for the interstate transfer of weapons from one state to another in accordance with concealed carry laws. Recent
proposed amendments to the Matthew Shepard Act may serve as a model.

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Such legislation is now necessitated by evidence from yesterday's tragic Holocaust Memorial shooting that William Kristol's Weekly Standard may have been a target of suspected killer James von Brunn.

Ben Smith reports, FBI agents visited the office of the Weekly Standard after finding the magazine's address during the investigation. According to Smith, "Von Brunn attacked "JEWS-NEOCONS-BILL O’REILLY," and the suggestion that neoconservatism is a specifically Jewish conspiracy is common on the racist fringe."

Yes, it is common, and the leftist media is inflaming the anti-Semitic, anti-neocon anger. As
Robert Stacy McCain reports, neocon-hating is now the norm among many mainstream pundits. And we've long seen members of the radical netroots commentariat advocating violent suppression of neoconservative views. The netroots hordes are now on the verge of taking things to their logical conclusion. At this Daily Kos thread, "Bush Bites" suggests Democrats should "squash" the neocons: "We have the government on our side right now, and it can squash these pear-shaped losers like bugs if they start any trouble."

This is clearly media-generated extremist incitement. As
R.S. McCain notes, Joan Walsh's recent commentary is inflammatory (Newsbusters has more); indeed, Walsh's extreme excoriation of neocons can be seen as part of the larger left-wing environment where folks like James von Brunn have started plotting attacks on neoconservatives. See, for example, Walsh's, "Wild Dick Cheney at the Neocon Corral." Then you've got the Huffington Post publishing interviews with Representative Ron Paul, who argues that President Obama is "as much of a neo-con now as Bush was with this issue and other issues." Such loose talk then gets picked up by the 9/11 Truthers, "Neocon Org Targets Ron Paul, Democrats for Opposing Snoop Bill."

Kathy Shaidle points out today, genuine conservative have long distanced themselves from such extremism:

In addition, von Brunn is now being associated with the LIberty Lobby. William F. Buckley famously purged the mainstream conservative movement of the John Birch Society, and anti-semitic groups like the Liberty Lobby, way back in the early 1960s. For his pains, the Liberty Lobby accused Buckley of being a "mouthpiece" for the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. (After 14 years, Buckley won a libel judgement against the group.)
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Stephen T. Johns, the security officer who was killed yesterday in the line of duty at the Hololcaust Museum.

But let us not kid ourselves. The extremist rhetoric on the far-left, along with that on the antiwar, anti-Semitic paleoconservative right, has created threatening circumstances for members of the neoconservative movement (see Paul Bogdanor for background). So please, take the time and log onto and let your elected representatives know that the hour is long past for the introduction and passage of a Neoconservative Hate Crimes Prevention Act.


JSF said...


I've been following the Left hate of neo-cons (and Jews) for a couple of years on my Blog. When you did your Blog takedown of lefties on Burkean, I suggested the heathlander.

The Heathlander, a Jew from the UK, hated Israel, and the Jews who lived there. He is also a consistent writer on the Daily Kos.

When I brought up the incosistency to Tim of needing an American Emmanuel Goldstein and the shooter at the Museum yesterday, he blew it off. He saw no causation.

DD, if the Left wants to stop hating (just like Palistenians who hate Israel), all they have to do is give up the idea of an American Emmanuel Goldstein.

But they won't, they need to hate us Conservatives, Republicans, and neo-cons, like Linus needed his blanket.

Mark Harvey said...

I have been to every Pro-Troop rally in DC since I got back in 2004. I am a member of Vets for Freedom and other groups. The vitriolic buffoonery we encountered was astonishing. However...

I got even with a Code Skank moonbat. She waltzed up to me and almost spit on me but the scowl caused her to pause.

Anyway, she accused me of being a baby killer, a rapist of small children and the usual "trained killer and murderer". I asked her if she was finished and she did draw a crowd. She said that she was and I looked around and saw about 200 OIF veterans and asked her, "If we are what you say we are, is it a good idea or wise to piss us off?"

Just sayin'.

Philippe Öhlund said...

What a mess, Donald!

The young generation will turn its back on the old generation.

And now Jimmy Carter is trying to unite Hamas and Fatah against Israel.

They will never be able to share the same policy in the long run anyway.

The only result will be that Israel will be weaker, that the West will lose a loyal ally, and that undemocratic forces will rise to power in the Middle East.

Every country in Europe constantly talks about the situationen in the Middle East.

Some wants to drop nuclear bombs on Israel, some wants to drop nuclear bombs on the Arabs, but most people want to bomb them all, in order to get rid of all these countries and the wars there forever.

But myself I'm only interested in nuking Pergamos, because Satan's seat is there, see Revelation 2:12 - 13.

Yes, what a mess, Donald!

LFC said...

"allow neoconservatives to carry concealed handguns for self-protection..."

So anyone can walk into a gun store, present his or her subscription to The Weekly Standard, get a handgun and proceed to carry it in a concealed fashion.

Uh-huh. Right.

cracker said...

(there's that term "Paleoconservative" again.....)

Anywhoms, YES Dr. "A Neoconservative Hate Crimes Prevention Act"...indeed.

But Heck we all know that when you play in the mud, some of its gonna stick to you too....(least thats what Grampa used to say)

So Amend the Act to include Islamic Terrorists, AND Third term abortionists....

this way everyone is covered, aye!


cracker said...

Also be sure to include

Nicolaites in that prevention act,

per Phillipes' ominous closer.

Gayle said...

Got here a bit late. I can't improve on the above comments, Donald. Everything has pretty much already been said. I think you already know how disgusted I am with the entire political situation in this country and it goes further downhill each and every day.