Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rule 5 Rescue: Hot Latvian Blondes!

Man, I've got to give a big shout-out to JammieWearingFool! The guy's on fire with some hot Rule 5 blogging.

He's got
an entry today on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and local KTLA-TV news reporter Lu Parker. Says Jammie: The mayor "is schtupping yet another local newscaster." But I'd be remiss if I did without some of these hot Latvian blondes!

See, "Positive Energy: Blonde Parade Lifts Spirits in Gloomy Latvia."

This is also a chance to thank all my blogging buddies for their "
reach-around" blogging: Ann Althouse, The Blog Prof, The Classical Liberal, Dana at CSPT, Dan Collins, Dan Riehl, The Daley Gator, Fausta, Fishersville Mike, Gateway Pundit, Generation Patriot, Glenn Reynolds, Jimmie Bise, Little Miss Attila, Moe Lane, Monique Stuart, No Sheeples Here!, Pamela Geller, Pirate's Cove, Private Pigg, Pundit & Pundette, The Rhetorican, Right Wing News, R.S. McCain, Saber Point, Stop the ACLU, Suzanna Logan, TrogloPundit, and William Jacobson.

Just send me an e-mail if I've left you off the roundup!


Average American said...

Nice tits for sure Donald, but it looks a lot like a code pink march.

Donald Douglas said...

If only Code Pink could be so hot!

Dave said...


LOL-Er, have you ever even seen a member of Code Pink-o?

Trust me, Cindy Sheehan is among the more attractive of that group.

The current destination in my Obamanation escape plan is Costa Rica.

I may need to re-evaluate that, or, at the very least, keep it open as an alternate.