Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yid With Lid Banned From Little Green Footballs

Sammy at Yid With Lid wrote an almost melancholy post after being banned from Little Green Footballs:
Today, I was Banned From Little Green Footballs. My Crime, I am friends with Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and I link to both Pamela and Robert Spencer.

Pamela and Charles Johnson of LGF had a now famous falling out about a year and a half ago. On this site and especially on LGF, I have stayed out of it. Although I have discussed with Pamela privately as friends do ....

I have been saddened by the way Charles has distanced himself from Pamela and others in this small world of blogging ... This blogging world which Charles helped to created is too small and faces too many challenges for us to fight amongst ourselves ...
I too think our conservative blogging world is "too small for us to fight amongst ourselves."

But Charles Johnson is not interested in building a movement. Nor is he interested in building a community of friends. His sole aim is to feed his narcissism.
William Teach left this screencap in the comments at one of my earlier posts. Charles Johnson makes threats:

Sammy's better off being rid of his relationship to Johnson. The guy needs some help.

P.S.:The comment thread is worth you time. It's pure "Banned-a-monium!"


Pat Houseworth said...

Hey Donald, I got banned by Texas Fred last week...for life no less.

I consider that an honor.

Dave said...

Charles has gone over the wall.

Way, way over.

Too bad, too, because his was one of the first blogs I read back in the day.


Obi's Sister said...

Dave - yep, me too. Now he's as bad as the "nutjobs" he bans.

So much for free speech.

Anonymous said...

While Charles has gone round the bend... Yid is a hypocrite too... disagree and you get banned...

google his name & nickname and check all the pages... ALL of them... he's not at all what he seems this Mr. Lid