Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Democrat Skips Out on Taxes

I haven't written about Tim Geithner's "mistake" of failing to pay payroll taxes, and my sense is this issue should disqualify him as Treasury Secretary. But the Democratic-controlled Senate Finance Committee approved him for the post anyway, so he'll soon be joining President Obama to work on the White House's economic recovery program.

When he gets there he'll join Chief of Staff Rahm "
The Knife" Emanuel, who was alleged earlier to have skipped out on property taxes at his Chicago home (and then perhaps even used his political muscle to harrass the free-speech rights of the blogger who pulled the scoop from Cook County records). Of course, Emanuel, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, failed to disclose their official roles on the boards of family charities in violation of congressional ethics laws. That's interesting, since some have suggested that Emanuel's personal charity, the Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Foundation, was apparently listed as a primary residence to avoid paying property taxes (although, again, these tax allegations were denounced on the left as "smears").

The Democrats and taxes? What is it with these folks?

No one should be surprised, it seems, that the child of Camelot, that tireless public advocate, Caroline Kennedy, has withdrawn her name from Senate consideration because of tax and nanny issues?

not at all:

Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate, a person close to Gov. David A. Paterson said on Thursday, in an account at odds with Ms. Kennedy’s own description of her reasons for withdrawing ...
Boy, it hasn't even been two full days and the Democratic "culture of corruption" is picking up a new head of steam. And just think: This is a Kennedy we're talking about here! Who would've thought the daughter of JFK would be just another two-bit Democratic tax-cheat?

This really is something.


Anonymous said...

You're right. And it is annoying when the Dems try to keep pace with the Repubs.

(For the record, the simple fact is she was not qualified for that role. She was a fish out of water, taxes or no taxes.)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Don't forget about Barney Frank!

cracker said...

James Carville also predicted we head into this new admin. the limelight will shift from Republican morality scandals to Democratic financial scandals.

It was really funny the way he put it....."As the economic tide keeps going out many ships will run aground, .....also we get to see who's been swimming naked."

courtneyme109 said...

Called both my senators and asked for them to vote no this cat's confirmation.

AmPowerBlog said...

Tim: You're pathetic. The GOP is out of power. You guys won the elections. It's sick to blow this off on scandals that exist only in your mind. Even Obama has said he wants to move forward. You're always talking about reform and good government, but I guess it doesn't apply after the Dems actually take power.

This will be one of the most corrupt administrations in history, and it hasn't even barely started yet.

cracker said...


what makes you say that,

considering the ethics codes already installed for lobbyists, before and after.

The steppig down of Richardson, the caution of nominating Holder.

It appears quite the opposite right now.

Both sides of the Senate are on par AND the Admin itself has established ethics proclamations.

I'd like to share your natural distrust.....but it would not be based in any reality....just an emotional reaction?

Anonymous said...

Yes Donald, Republican scandals only exist when they are in power. Oh, but wait, they are imaginary. Nevermind.

Pathetic, much?

I am not making any excuses here, so don't lose your rag. I will await more details before I become judge, jury and executioner like yourself. And Sean Hannity, And Bill O. And Rush...

Anonymous said...

Donald: You will be sure to post that proof that it was a tax issue won't you? And not something else that was the real reason, if it happens to be so?

Or will you let the lie linger on, even if it is never confirmed, only speculated?

LFC said...

You don't seem to have read one of the NYT articles you linked, which says that the only tax issue she has on the public record appears to be a $615 lien, "a minuscule amount for a multi-millionaire." Why not wait for the facts before rushing to the judgment that she is a "two-bit tax cheat"?

Oh wait, I forgot. This is American Power.

Anonymous said...


Rahm Emanuel paid his property taxes. The actual tax bill is online because it's a public record.

The "allegations" as such weren't denounce by anybody. They were never true in the first place.

The original story on that urban myth came from an erroneous conservative blogger who just didn't understand the tax records and made a mistake... When her error was pointed out to her she kept deleting those comments and then ended up completely deleting her posts.

And ever since then the myth has endured on the Internets.

Further, it's very interesting that you linked to Jason Bonham's post at "Race 4 2012" because Jason removed his post on the same topic at Red State after he learned the truth (that Emanuel paid his taxes and the story was false).

FYI - Jason knows the other blogger who made the original mistake and even used to write a column on her blog.

As for Geithner - he can go suck it.