Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marc Thiessen at the New York Times?

Patrick Ruffini noted yesterday that the New York Times should pick Rush Limbaugh or "a comparable full spectrum heartland conservative" to replace William Kristol on the op-ed page. Ruffini also said that "The Times needs someone who is as far to the right, in as hard-edged and partisan a way, as Paul Krugman is to the left."

I haven't seen any news of Limbaugh's interest (
yet), but if Steve Benen's post this morning is any indication, perhaps Marc Thiessen should throw his hat in the ring. Thiessen, who was a top speechwriter to President George W. Bush, is apparently generating the kind of white heat that the conservative punditocracy needs during this time of political opposition. As Benen notes:

Marc Thiessen, up until recently George W. Bush's chief speechwriter, has been on a roll lately. It's almost as if he perceives an opening for a new generation of outrageous right-wing commentators, and wants to stake his claim to the leadership.

Last week, Thiessen argued that if Barack Obama changes Bush's national-security apparatus in anyway, he'll
invite domestic terrorism and will shoulder the blame for American deaths. Also last week, Thiessen argued in a print column that Obama "is already proving to be the most dangerous man ever to occupy the Oval Office."

Yesterday, Thiessen
kept the madness going, praising the torture of Abu Zubaydah and heralding those Bush administration officials who did the torturing.
Sounds like the right man for the job, and you know he's getting to the netroots denizens when we see posts like this one, denouncing Thiessen, a former staffer for the late Senator Jesse Helms, as "an unneutered-pitbull."

Personally, Thiessen won my vote with
his essay on Bush's conservative legacy:

... many conservatives who are angry with Mr. Bush today will take a better view of his presidency with the passage of time. While he took actions that dispirited some conservatives - from bailing out the auto industry to taking North Korea off of the list of state sponsors of terror - Mr. Bush did more to advance conservative priorities than any other president.

Mr. Bush enacted sweeping tax cuts. And he has the best record on judges of any Republican president - his appointments of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito will be judged favorably over time compared to Justices Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O'Connor, David Souter and John Paul Stevens (all put on the high court by Republican presidents). Mr. Bush enacted free-trade agreements with 17 nations, more than any president in history. He created Health Savings Accounts - the most important free-market health-care reform in a generation. And he defeated Democratic efforts to use the State Children's Health Insurance Program (Schip) to nationalize health care.

Mr. Bush won a Supreme Court ruling declaring school vouchers constitutional and enacted the nation's first school-choice program in the District of Columbia. He has been the most pro-life president in history, securing passage of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. He refused to fund the destruction of human embryos for research -- and was vindicated by the scientific breakthroughs that followed.

Mr. Bush increased defense spending by nearly 73%, the largest increase since the Truman administration. He unsigned the International Criminal Court treaty, withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and fulfilled Ronald Reagan's promise to deploy defenses against ballistic missiles. This is a conservative record without parallel.

In his final months, Mr. Bush confronted a challenge Truman never faced - a massive financial crisis. It is hard for many Americans to appreciate the magnitude of the economic collapse the president averted. But history will show that Mr. Bush's actions in the fall of 2008 rescued our economy and saved our financial system.

I don't know if Rush Limbaugh's going to warm up to that argument, but it'll certainly outrage the screaming weanies of the hardline left's nihilist netroots.


cracker said...

Mischievous, Professor

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you can't take the word of an ex-speechwriter for George Bush, who can you believe?

I hope they hire him. He sounds like a bigger train wreck than Kristol.

I was hoping for the thrice divorced, prescription drug addicted, sex tourist Rush Limbaugh, though. Ummm, that's heartland conservatism.

dave in boca said...

Benen banned me from the WM after Kevin Drum had allowed me to have my say, always in a civil way. Benen just doesn't want to hear what he and the other cretinous ultra-lefties would call "Obama nay-sayers."

BTW, Krugman is not the only far leftie infecting the NYT Op-Ed on a chronic basis. Rich & Herbert [although no one takes Bobbie seriously] & occasionally Kristof & MoDo are pitching from the sinister side as well. Tommy-boy Friedman is pitching for himself, basically, a sort of Robert Reich opportunist of all seasons.

David Brooks is sweet and harmlessly centrist, not wanting to lose his perch on PBS....

Pinch may see the Grey Lady sink beneath the waves without one real conservative, while Abe Rosenthal & Bill Safire cringe from beyond the grave. [Is Safire deceased?]

DLBaker appears to relish Rush's personal side, although "sex tourist" & "addict" are the normal lib hyperventilations attached to RL, while Barney Frank personally waltzes right into DLB's wheelhouse, I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

Dave, we libs don't have problem with Barney Frank because we are all atheist nihilists. We want gay marriages in every family.

OTOH, you guys on the right are supposed to be representing the heartland values. Seems to me you would be the one that would have a problem with Rush's recreational activities.

Personally, I would love to see him as the face of the Republican party.

cracker said...

True DLB.....put Rush out there, Right out front. That would be....Pricelessssssss

Norm said...

Could not care less who writes for the NY Times. It's not good enough for cat litter.