Friday, January 9, 2009

Who Cares About the Palestinians?

Dr. Sanity has emerged from her late-year blogging sabbatical and is already tearing up the web.

Here's this from her post (where she draws on some earlier blogging), "Who Gives a Flying Falafel About the Palestinians?":

If only the world would ignore their continual whining and perpetual victimhood; and appreciate the con game the Palestinians have been playing for decades. If only the world would call them to account for undermining every peace process; breaking every truce. If only the world would focus on the murderous rage and suicidal anger the Palestinians project; instead of focusing on and blaming the objects of that projection.

When I look at the Palestinian situation, I see a bottomless cesspool of swirling self-destructive rationalizations. How many times will Israel have to make honest concessions and take the first step toward peace? How many times will Israelis have to demonstrate their goodwill and willingness to live in peace with these maniacs? How many truces, treaties, aggreements, must be broken - before the world sees the Palestinians for the cheap con artists they are?

And more (with the current outbreak of conflict as context) ...

The Palestinians don't want a state. They just want to live in hate. Like many psychopaths and substance abusers given a "second chance" (and "third" and "fourth" etc. etc.) to turn their lives around by the court, the Palestinian leadership has cynically used numerous opportunities to act out the essential deadness within their souls. At the present time, their national mental state - paranoia, psychotic delusions, suicidal and homicidal behavior; unrepentant aggression and hatred - is unlikely to result in a good prognosis for the future of the Palestinians.

And it doesn't take a psychiatrist to come to that conclusion ....

I don't give a falafel about the Palestinians until or unless they are willing to renounce their hate and violence and stop being the left's favorite victims.

Dr. Sanity links to John Derbyshire, "Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?"

All good stuff, and just what we need as we continue to be literally shocked by the campaign of recrimination worldwide against Israel's exercise of the right to self-defense.


shoprat said...

They are consumed by hatred and that is all that they have left.

AmPowerBlog said...

I agree, Shoprat. I just really like Dr. Sanity's blogging.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Wow. I think almost anyone who shares the pov (this is a huge compliment) Dr. Sanity's article excerpts there and say, "I couldn't have said it better myself." He sure said it. People think their feelings are more important than the truth. Brutality in rebuke in honest appraisal... is a KINDNESS.

Psalm 141:5
Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness; let him rebuke me—it is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it. Yet my prayer is ever against the deeds of evildoers;

Of course, it has to be a RIGHTEOUS person speaking the brutal honest truth... and when they do... it will get the poison out of a person's system... if ONLY THEY WOULD JUST HEED THE REBUKE AND FACE THE TRUTH.

It would be wonderful if the Palestinians would no longer hold the awful desire for genocide of the Jews in their hearts and have a real change of heart. It would be so wonderful if people truly loved one another. Until then, we cannot yield to the feelings of haters ignoring the facts of hateful demands for genocide. We must never tolerate that in the name of being tolerant... or in any effort to create equality in "Moral Equivalence". All moral equivalence, really, in this situation does is literally justify genocide and the desire for genocide. There IS NOT moral equivalence between the Palestinians and the Jews!! The Palestinians MUST DENOUNCE genocide as their "solution".

Van Zan said...

Whatever the political differences, whatever has been done or said IN THEIR NAME, the moment you say "I just don't care about these people... their children, their future, any of them"... You have killed something within you. You are becoming what you accuse them of standing for.

"Oh it's not us, it's them. So I don't care if a kid gets blown up. Not my fault. Their fault. I don't care..."

You guys call yourselves Christians? Have you really a clue?.

Tom the Redhunter said...

The Palestinians were dealt a bad hand by life, but they've made the worst of it.

Ok, Van Zan, yes I care about the Palestinians. I care about them in the sense of "tough love" Just as I'm not going to give a drug addict a penny until he cleans up his act, I'm not giving the Palestinians anything until they clean up theirs.

Michael said...

No one cares about them, Donald. They're the world's whipping boy, and they make a convenient issue to berate Israel.

But actual care? Why should anyone? What have the "palestinians" ever given to the world, or even built for themselves?