Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Seeks to Supress Dissent, Consolidate Cult

I spoke of the Obama presidential cult last night, and I specifically questioned whether Obama himself hasn't consciously built it himself. Well in thinking about that question, keep in mind that the president has admonished his critics on the right for not getting on board The One's propaganda express.

Brian Maloney has more:

To the 58 million American voters who've refused to join Barack Obama's creepy cult, these are difficult times. With the mainstream media eagerly awaiting their Dear Leader's orders, independent-minded citizens are left with few places to turn as they race to save the country they love.

Adding to the discomfort is the way some GOP moderates have seemingly jumped on board Obama's ship, oblivious to the likelihood that it will soon sink as his political bubble bursts,

One non-believing medium their Messiah has yet to dismantle is talk radio, where Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been pounding away at Obama's hollow rhetoric and empty promises. During the course of the campaign, the King Of All Egos went after the FOX News Channel host by name, but now he's aiming squarely at his most outspoken foe: El Rushbo himself.
Maloney cites the New York Post's report on this, then continues:

Beyond the absurdity of a Democrat barking orders at his political opposition, he's especially foolish to air his fear of Limbaugh and talk radio in a public setting. Now, what was long suspected by conservatives has been verified by the man himself.

The timing was no coincidence: after a rocky first week in office, the Obamists are also faced with a
resurgent Fox News Channel, where ratings have been climbing since the moment he took office.

In particular,
Hannity's Limbaugh interview, which took place in the latter's Florida studios, scored fantastic audience figures for the former's network. In overall viewers, Thursday's Hannity nearly trebled his MSNBC competition and almost doubled CNN's Larry King.And after a wildly successful fall ratings survey, talk radio is looking forward to record numbers with the installation of the Obamists.
One of the central characteristics of political authoritarianism is systematic state suppression of dissenting opinion. That Obama has taken such a direct swipe at his critics provides more information and support for the hypothesis of a self-promoted personality cult in the office of the presidency.

By the way, Fox News was covered in a piece last week at the New York Times which signaled the growth of the networks rebirth in political opposition: "
Fox News Primes Itself for a Shift."


Norm said...

Thank you for covering this issue of Obama cult mania. Personally, I have been shocked by just how quick some people I know seem to have lost any ability to objectively discuss politics. One elderly woman took a picture taken of her and Obama out of her pocketbook and held it like it was a treasure to her heart. I asked her if after living through the cult of Adolph Hitler (and I am not comparing him with Obama) she had any trepidation of worshiping Obama? Her answer was just anger at me for using the two names in the same breath.
The Obama fans in the media are making a big mistake. They are already trying to make sure Obama wins the 2012 election.

The result is this: the executive branch will obtain power that no signer of the Constitution ever envisaged. Power corrupts.

AmPowerBlog said...

"Her answer was just anger at me for using the two names in the same breath."

I can believe it, Norm. I will continue to cover this story, because there really is a cult, it's palpable, objective, and dangerous.

shoprat said...

You don't suppress your opposition. You answer them.

Obama's fear of the opposition speaking up speaks volumes.

JBW said...

"Hannity nearly trebled his MSNBC competition"

Trebling. Is that a radio term?

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

So Norm and the Professor think continuing the right pandering to bigots and religious zealots is better for America than the Hope and Change President Obama will work for. How quaint and loyal to a failed ideology you two. I'm sure Grace will put in a good word for you when she is ascended to Heaven.

Norm said...

You have a hard enough time telling us what you think, stop trying to tell me what I am thinking. You embarrass yourself.

AmPowerBlog said...

Failed ideology ... blah, blah, blah.

Thanks, Norm, for smacking him down.

Anonymous said...

We need so moral equivalence here. Obama is not trying to destroy other cultures, religions or political parties. He's trying to be a politician, and is doing what they do. If you read the headlines, he's actually talking to the GOP! Wonder of wonders!

It is the right's obsession with the popularity of a president, and the insistent use of the word "cult" that it is trying to create, you guessed it, more FEAR.

It's Rovian down to the last detail. And using the Hitler analogies to say that Obama isn't being compared to Hitler is also a cheap way of saying he is. Sorry Norm.

Ted said...

WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

Anonymous said...

Tim, "talking to the GOP" is one thing. LISTENING is something else, and given the Executive orders he's released this past week, he is clearly NOT listening.

Communication is a TWO-way street.

AmPowerBlog said...

Welcome back, Mamapajamas!

Anonymous said...

Wow buddy - we see why this guy is so good, good enough to be president. He is so playing you.

Take a mild swipe at the Ol' Gasbag during his first week, and what happens. The conservatives, still in disarray, decide to rally around the fat jerk. Choose sides everyone! The POTUS - smart, reasonable, popular across the board, and just at the beginning of being in power, or the GASBAG - a bloviating entertainer whose time has past.

The fools (not mentioning any names here Don) take the bait. And the smarter ones get cut off from their loony base.

I think you guys really belong out in the wilderness. My guess - 4 presidential terms, at least.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Tim and Anonymous make no sense. They're both completely incoherent.

The evidence for a cult of personality surrounding Obama is overwhelming. Consider:

- Songs, by adults and children, to Obama posted on youtube and elsewhere
- A media obsession with Obama's physical conditioning
- Many pictures of Obama in various heroic poses, all quite reminiscent of the 20th century totalitarians
- That weird Obama "O" symbol. That a politician has a symbol at all is strange.
- The special Obama presidential seal
- Special Obama flags
- That graphic with the portrayal of the globe and Obama's name on it

It's to the point where sometimes I can't tell whether what I'm looking at is satire or not.

Anonymous said...

and Tom, the Redhunter...
you forgot: Obama's picture, with the word Hope...
and the fact that every time a supporter speaks his name- they mention the word HOPE... globally!

Anonymous said...

I've been discussing this very topic with my circle of friends...we are continuously baffled with with the "all hail king Obama" that seems to be surrounding him... not even kidding... at one of the balls several were lifting their hands, as if in worship and awe of him... my comment, "all hail" sarcastically, of course... but the reality is people are crying when he enters the room, shaking at the mention of his name, standing in awe of..... A MAN... a mere mortal... I keep reminding myself that Obama is not the one creating all the hype- it's the media and much of Hollywood... but then again... I remember a day- several years ago, when Oprah introduced this yet to be known to the world phenom...Obama himself... makes me wonder if perhaps, he knows exactly what he's doing...

Anonymous said...

I asked her if after living through the cult of Adolph Hitler (and I am not comparing him with Obama) she had any trepidation of worshiping Obama?

If that's not a comparison between the two, then what is it? Did Hitler's name just accidentally stumble into the sentence?

Average American said...

A tiny light glimmering at the very end of the tunnel. If Fox, Rush, Hannity, and other conservatives keep increasing their market share, maybe, just maybe, some others in the media may have to head a little closer to the center with their news coverage. That's all I ask for, some more actual news and less opinion dressed up to look like news. I'd be perfectly content to see all opinion deleted during what is supposed to be news coverage--never happen, but it would be nice.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Plot: Chicago-Style Democratic Patronage??

I believe it. Listen particularly to the last line the guy says.