Saturday, January 24, 2009

"A Breath of Fresh Air": A Reader Writes

Here's a snippet of the e-mail Rusty Walker sent me yesterday, by permission:

Hi Donald Douglas,

You are a breath of fresh air. A California professor that is not leftist! Wow. Good for you. I thoroughly enjoy your Blog. I am 62 and a Republican. I was an artist for 16 years in San Francisco surrounded by the bleeding heart left; then, in the private college sector in Arizona for 20 years, now I am a full time artist ....

I appreciate having you out there in the school system with those young impressionable minds. They are unreasonably stirred by his good looks and charm, listen to his lofty platitudes, rather than the lack of substance in his speeches.
It's always nice to get letters from readers. They are few and far between, and that makes them all the more appreciated.

A lot of the appeal of blogging is community, and it's reassuring to know that when we write there's an audience out there that's moved and energized.

Keep the e-mails coming, and be sure to check out Rusty's excellent homepage.


Stogie said...

Wow, from what I can see on his website, Rusty produces some stunningly beautiful art! We're lucky to have him in our midst.

AmPowerBlog said...

He's a real nice guy, Stogie. Always warm and welcome to get an e-mail like that.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with his letter... I've mentioned your blog to my husband and several others and each time I find myself saying... "I just can't believe he's a poli sci prof from so cal and conservative!" keep it up!

Libby said...

Donald, that was just a big ol' *warm fuzzie* out of left field for you, wasn't it?? lol! that was one of the nicest things a reader could've done for you!!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thank you, Beloved Mama!

AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Libby!

Thanks for visiting!

brenda cox giguere said...

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Thank you for stopping by, Rusty. Your work is exceptional.

To share a bit, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area myself, in the late fifties and the sixties. I personally know exactly what you folks are talking about.

Eventually I enrolled at UC Berkeley as an art major with plans to teach, and even though I was an honor student, I quit before I was graduated because ideologically it was such a dreadful academic experience. Instead of perservering, I became discouraged.

Thank you, Donald and Rusty. I am deeply grateful to know there are at least a few professors and artists who are sharp, caring, clear-thinking, and talented, and that these fields aren't entirely in the hands of liberalism. But I know it's not always easy for you.

Again, thank you.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thank you, Brenda. It's always nice to hear from you!