Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Progressive Psychopathology

From Dr. Sanity's long post up this morning:

Progressives operate under an economic model that is more genetic as opposed to cognitive. They are still functioning with the herd mentality and have yet to embrace modern civilization or individualism, preferring instead to function on an instinctual, rather than a rational level. This is why they find capitalism and market economics so repugnant.

The economic primitivism that is unceasingly promoted by the political left is a remnant of the cave-dwelling days of mankind; an idyllic era of history to which the left desperately yearns to return. The word "Progressive" is thus a simple rhetorical manipulation to diguise the essential backwardness of the left's economc thinking.

Thus, even the most perfect and glib manifestation of neo-Marxism and postmodernism ... as well as the ultimate incarnation of progressive therapeutic sensibility ... cannot hope to escape from reality.

Human nature is what it is. This is not tragic, it is simple truth. The biological fantasies of the utopians; and the delusional fantasies of Marxist, communists and socialists and all their heirs, have led to incalculable levels of human suffering all over the globe, as the proponents of these theories have tried to force humans to some "ideal" state. All these systems have failed the real-world tests in the last century; and all current versions of these ideologies will also eventually fail and fade away.


Norm said...

Progressive economic theory is basically that people who take financial risks, work hard and therefore make a lot of money are bad. These people deserve to have their money taken from them and given to people who did not work the money. Because that is fair.

That in a nutshell is progressive economic theory. What happens when everyone decides not to work is beyond them.

shoprat said...

Doc Sanity is one of my favorite blogs. She is one of the most intelligent and honest women on the net.