Monday, January 12, 2009

Fanatical Islam's Tightening Grip in Britain

This essay probably won't be the most heartwarming bedtime reading, but Francesca Segal's essay on growing anti-Semitism in Britain is vital reading:

I am a secular, liberal, identifying British Jew. My parents would have taken great pleasure if my acting talents had landed me a starring role in the primary school nativity play; on Christmas Day, we gather at home eating smoked salmon bagels and mince pies. There is no conflict whatsoever between my religion and nationality. On the contrary, they have always supported and echoed one another in terms of the values and moral structure they promote. Judaism has taught me to value liberalism, education, tolerance, family and charity. All Jewish religious services and celebrations include a heartfelt toast to the Queen, because Jews in this country have felt safe, well-assimilated and, most of all, grateful.

In August 2001, I turned 21 and my parents gave me a Star of David necklace. Then a month later, the world changed and my mother, with remarkable foresight, began her campaign to rescind the gift, begging me to take it off because she was frightened it would make me a target in the wake of mounting evidence that fanatical Islamism was tightening its grip on the country. My argument was always the same - when I am no longer safe being identifiably Jewish on the tube, I don't want to live in England.

Now it's happening and I am devastated. It was bluster. I am resolutely, irreducibly British. I love Marmite and Labradors and Sunday lunch. If you step on my foot, I will reflexively apologise. New York, where I will go if I have to leave the UK, does not feel like home for me nor, I suspect, could it ever. But as the British establishment sides with the appeasing of Islamism at home and abroad and as the word Zionism is increasingly bastardised, hijacked by a new definition comprising traditional antisemitic libels and demonising conspiracy theories, and as the liberal media and campaigning groups single out Israel disproportionately among all other countries for criticism, perpetuating the myth that Israel is responsible for mushrooming anti-western sentiment, I feel increasingly that I cannot stay.
There's more at the link.

Also, don't miss Melanie Phillips' latest post as well, "
Peace and Hate," on the anti-Israel demonstrations in London.


Anonymous said...

Good article. I'm just amazed that you would post something from someone that identifies as "secular-liberal." I thought you despised us?

But yes, "Londinistan" is getting ridiculous. The government allowing sharia law for divorces, etc. is beyond the pale.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald,

Did you ever address the fanaticism on your own blog? You've got some commenters that would make Bin Laden's sect of Islam look liberal by comparison.

Names need not be mentioned.

Might want to address your own backyard first buddy

Just a thought


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

CS, Please don't be so critical of T101. He has feelings. He's our friend. He may have some really whacked out ideas, but we love him. ;)


Tim, how do we prevent things from getting to the point of allowing sharia law for divorces?? Where do you suggest we draw the line?? How can we be "multicultural" and not be overtaken?? How can we give up Judeo-Christian institutions without being weakened just as Europe is being?? What I'm saying is that that which you despise (the Judeo Christian ethos institutionalized) is what prevents Islamo-fascism.

"Moral clarity" comes from "moral strength" which comes from a positive commitment to, well,.... MORALS. Without it, there can be no strength of Western civilization to stand against fascism.


Seems to me that when Jews need to flee England for protection from Islam... the war in the Middle East is symptomatic of worldwide fascism rising. The borders are not controlled. It can come in through immigration as well as proselytizing.

If we do not have a strong core culture of moral strength, how will we fare any better than Europe.

I ask the liberals among us - are you willing to pay the price as you seek to attack and dismantle the core of Western civilization: Judeo Christian foundation in principles of good and evil and moral clarity??

Do you really believe that you will gain your own "niche"??

You see, I think the UN-USA is going to fall. It is only the moral strength of the Christians here, and more moderate to conservative Jews who are religious in Judaism, that holds our strength against Islam internally and externally. If the choice would be to "trade" a Judeo Christian foundation in institution for Islamic foundation in institution, culture, and civilization - which would you choose?? So you think it's not a choice between the two?? Actually, though you don't see it - it is. I'd step back if I was you and stop attacking Donald and bloggers like him. It's your necks he may save. But if you don't see the larger picture and keep attacking the right - well, we'll leave. WE will secede. I hope you'll come with us. Because without us, what will you do??

We don't want to go down with a culture that has rejected the foundation that protects the USA against these threats through moral strength and moral clarity of Judeo Christian institutions and principles. But you will have none of that. Self-preservation will dictate, imo, dissolution for our own protection as we secede. A nation run by liberals will not stand, imo. It's just how I see it.

Thanks for the post, Donald.

Average American said...

How can someone like Francesca Segal stay liberal? Liberal Jews worldwide are creating the very atmosphere that is going to destroy them. America is not very far behind the UK and many other countries of Europe. The further Sharia law is allowed to spread, the worse the climate becomes for Jews, and then ultimately Christians.

I don't know if there is really a majority of Muslims who are "secular muslims", or if they are myth, much like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. What I do know is that Radical Islam must not be allowed to take over country after country after country. Liberal, conservative, left, right, Democrat, Republican, had all best start realizing who the real enemy is. If people want our life style and our freedoms to survive, they had better start acting like it.

Average American said...

As I reread my comment, I find it sounds like I am blaming Jews for creeping Islamism in Europe. I should have been clearer in that I think liberals , Jewish and Christian, share that blame. If everyone keeps caving into the constant and increasing demands of Islamism, it won't be long before Judaism and Christianity will be endangered species.

Norm said...

Radical Muslim ideology promotes violence against anyone who they decide is their enemy. I believe the writer, Rushdie, still has a bodyguard so many years later. France has decided to let their Muslim rioters go crazy until they just poop out with exhaustion. In Nigeria, Muslims have been slaughtering Christians for years with little response from international Christianity. I hope that in the future we will all see the Muslim world reject radicalism and violence. Anything is possible.

AmPowerBlog said...

"CS, Please don't be so critical of T101."

Bravo, Grace!

Anonymous said...

Grace: It was actually the Archbishop of Canterbury, I believe, who said that Britain has little choice but to allow sharia law to creep in.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

The Archbishop of Canterbury is, most likely, an apostate from the Christian faith and not a born-again Christian. For a person to say that shows lack of moral strength and clarity. The institutional positions of the church are not "immune" to the lukewarm and the false taking those positions. When a nation goes "downhill" spiritually, apostates rise in position from within the Christian church. The culture is also weakened. There's a lack of spiritual awakening in Europe and a decline in spiritually renewing Christianity.

I would have as much faith in the Archbishop of Canterbury being a born-again Christian as I would that a mullah would be same. Narcissists seek position of leadership in business, world, politics and church - even the Christian church - because they love the praise of people. There are many wolves among the sheep of Christendom... and they are drawn to positions of power. The Archbiship of Canterbury is immediately suspect. By their fruit we shall know them.

I'd say the Christian church in the UK has some real problems with lukewarmness and apostacy. That seems quite evident by the statements of Archbishop of Canterbury as you have stated them. He's leading the people... astray, imo.


Anonymous said...

Grace: Here is some clarification:

Archbishop of Canterbury text

I guess you can only get a pass into heaven if you are a "born again" and the highest position in the Church of England doesn't even get you in now! Wow. How the might have fallen.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

That article should make for an interesting lesson for my students.

Van Zan said...
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The Vegas Art Guy said...

I printed out the article and our classes will be discussing it on Thursday, I'm curious to see what my students will think of this essay.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Van Zan wrote "I'm sorry, but one woman's personal feelings of insecurity don't justify a heading as sweepingly generalized and propagandist as "Fanatical Islam's Tightening Grip in Britain"."

My G-d you must live in a cave to say something like that.

Far from "one woman's personal feelings" this is testimony number 5,000,000. We've seen nothing but a steady stream of this stuff from Europe over the past several years.

Van Zan said...


As you would know, anti-Semitism is not a recent thing. It's always been around. And I share your abhorrence of it.
Secondly you would also know that it is not a prejudice unique to Muslims, which point I made.
Thirdly I'm talking about Britain - not all of Europe.

If Don's post was titled "Anti-Semitism on the rise in Britain" ... no issue. Maybe it is on the rise.

What I took issue with was the inference of radical Islamic control over the country in the post title "Fanatical Islam's Tightening Grip in Britain"- and the too generalized and very biased accusations of controlling influence by radical Islam of British establishment and media in the article he sampled.

It's just not a clear view of the country and I believe the vast majority of her citizens would, rightly, resent it.