Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tammy Bruce on the Anti-American Left

From Gateway Pundit who links to Tammy Bruce on O'Reilly Factor (and remember this is what's best about Fox News):

"It takes a liberal to suggest or to say directly that liberating 53,000,000 people is a war crime. It takes a liberals to say that keeping this nation safe from another horrific attack by terrorists amounts to a war crime."

Tammy Bruce
O'Reilly Factor
January 27, 2009


repsac3 said...

Tammy Bruce would have us believe that there should be no legal or ethical limit on what one does, as long as the end result can be seen as positive. She's mistaken.

Even if one accepts that the Bush administration did liberate 53,000,000 people and keep this nation safe from further attack, positive ends don't justify bad means.

It is possible that members of the Bush Administration broke laws in their efforts to achieve results, and given the allegations, investigation is in order. Just as I so often heard as regards those wiretaps; if they did nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear from justice.

cracker said...

In refference to the Bush Admin's end s justify means comment by Respac.

What kills me is the cowardice of it all.....

The right thing to do....
GW and Cheney "Yep, we broke the law, we did it cause we didnt know how else to handle the situation, Cheney here..he went off on his own and kept me in the dark on alot of stuff...we mislead you guys so we could get at Iraq....we thought it was the right thing to do and that we wouldnt get caught. Torture, hell yeah, how else were we gonna get some kinda info out of these prisoners.....So Yep its all true, I'll be a man about it....prosecute honor is in tact...and I regret that I have but one life to give for my country"...

Thats the way for anyone of honor to nip this whole thing in the bud....instead of scurrying away, or in Dicks case rolling away in wheelchair back to Wy. to "study the Bible, My arse man....IMHO

As far as Tammy Bruce, Fascist Totalitarian Rah intellegence whatsoever

Stogie said...

Tammy Bruce is a great lady. I read her first book and enjoyed it tremendously.

The problem, Repsac3 is that Bush & Co didn't use bad means to achieve good ends -- they used good means to achieve good ends. I have a BIG problem with Bush and friends from being tried on trumped-up charges in a Democrat Kangaroo Court. The idea is not to try them for "crimes" but to try them for policies, policies that the far-left doesn't approve of.

Two can play that game. John Kerry needs to stand trial for treason for his misdeeds during the Vietnam war, as does Jane Fonda and others.

When you talk about bad policies killing people, have any thoughts on the 3 million SE Asians who were slaughtered by the victorious Communists following the Democrat-engineered defeat in 1975? Maybe we could try Ted Kennedy for war crimes.

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats, though. Our policies free millions of people; yours enslave millions of people.

You must be so proud.

cracker said...

Stogie, Sir

Your first Sentence in relation to your second to last.

Supports Respac3's first sentence.

The beauty of our legal system, by the by, is that eventually we WILL try a leader on these crimes....its called a "precedent", precedents are established after behavior has proven to be other words ,sure others may have done this in the past...but the buck stops here....and Bush is the example, it was going to be someone , sooner or later, but in the interests of national security we now have to explore the legality of these actions and potentially punish guilty parties.

Simply put Stogie, its time to examine these methods seriously and decide if future presidents can do the same (or even more).

Its not about "revenge" its about justice, its about methodology, its ideology and its about proofing this nation against presidents who wish to do harm to our armies and our economy, for suspect reasons.

Anti-Amercanism exists in darkness, exists outside the laws and coutrooms, exists in secrets. Anti-Amercans spy on there own, listen in without permission.

Anti-Americans exist as liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans.

Anti-Americans live in fear of truth being revealed to all.

repsac3 said...

It's easy for one to make the claim that Bush (or anyone else) did or didn't use bad means to achieve those ends, Stogie. But when folks are citing specific laws, and showing how they might've been violated by specific actions, I'm all for further investigation, rather than just taking the word of some random guy on the internet as to whether laws were or were not broken.

I'm not saying the Bush Administration did or didn't do anything illegal... But the allegations are being offered by many, and it ain't just Democrats, either. I'm certainly interested in finding out whether or not such charges have any merit, to prevent any future wrongdoing.

My point here was, Tammy doesn't seem to care either way... All she's offering is "Look at the pretty ends," and essentially saying that illegal means could never've been employed to reach those ends because, well, they're just so pretty. It's hogwash.

You got somethin' based in US law on Kerry or Fonda or whoever? Be my guest and try to get it going...

Me? I've no interest in fighting Vietnam forevermore... I was about eight when it ended... You might as well be holding me responsible for having any part in slavery. But you have at it, if you're so inclined...