Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blagojevich Swept From Office in 59-0 Vote

Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich has been removed from office by an impeachment vote of 59-0 in the state legislature. The Chicago Tribune has the story:

The Illinois Senate voted to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office Thursday, marking the first time in the state's long history of political corruption that a chief executive has been impeached and convicted.

The 59-0 vote followed several hours of public deliberation in which senator after senator stood up to blast Blagojevich, whose tenure lasted six years. And it came after a four-day impeachment trial on allegations that Blagojevich abused his power and sold his office for personal and political benefit.

The conviction on a sweeping article of impeachment means the governor was immediately removed from office. The Senate also unanimously voted to impose the "political death penalty" on Blagojevich, banning him from ever again holding office in Illinois.

Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn, Blagojevich's two-time running mate, has become the state's 41st governor.
Of course, there was never any doubt Blogojevich would be booted. When I saw him making the rounds this last week on the talk shows, especially his schmoozing on "The View," I thought, "Well, here we go with the grooming for this guy's own television gig." Joy Behar's all over the guy at 7:30 minutes:

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