Saturday, January 17, 2009

Islamic Regimes Lead Gathering Storm of "Nuclear Express"

Cernig at Newshoggers reacted predictably to yesterday's Wall Street Journal report on Iranian nuclear proliferation, "Fresh Clues of Iranian Nuclear Intrigue."

Any time there's a new piece on the Iranian threat at WSJ or elsewhere, Cernig immediately denounces it as "beating the drums" for a new "neocon" war in the Middle East, or some other variant of hysterical left-wing antiwar posturing. In this case,
the Journal's authors cite strategic expert Gary Milhollin, who suggests that "There doesn't seem to be any real doubt or debate whether Iran is going for the bomb or whether Iran is using front companies to import things ..."

In rebuttal Cernig trots out - one more time - the cooked findings of an outdated NIE analysis from 2007, citing the author and political hack Thomas Fingar for authority (check
the link for more).

Apparently Fingar still denounces the worldwide consensus on Iran's capabilities and intentions, despite the conspiratorial pressures of the "political masters" of the capitalist classes and defense industry fearmongers. Meanwhile, Milhollin is turned out for the "evil" neoconservative that he is, having been a scholar at the vile American Enterprise Institute. (No outcry by Cernig on the wicked University of Wisconsin, of course, where Milhollin's an affiliate of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, which is based in Washington. U of W, of course, features one of the most prominent
anti-American Middle East Studies programs in the nation, so that's understandable.)

Well it turns out that Gabriel Schoenfeld's got
a review up today of Thomas Reed and Danny Stillman's, The Nuclear Express: A Political History of the Bomb and Its Proliferation.

We have to be careful here, of course, since Schoenfeld is a former editor of Commentary (not to be trusted, those Zionists!) who holds a Ph.D. from that most totalitarian of institutions, Harvard University! Not only that, Reed and Stillman are past and present nuclear weapons designers working at the pinnacle of the U.S. military industrial complex (Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos, respectively), no doubt with both of them harboring diabolical designs for nuclear Armageddon with the Mideast's fanatical rogue nuclear despots!

Here's this
from Schoenfeld, in any case:

Reed and Stillman conclude that a fierce storm is gathering. They see the Islamic bomb - whether wielded by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or some unforeseen possessor of the murderous weaponry - bringing about a world in which "millions will die" and "more than one democratic society will be consigned to the dust-heap of history."
This is from "two of the world's foremost nuclear weapons experts," as the book blurb describes their work. Plus, on close inspection there's no evidence of ties to AEI, nor any alliance to the "evil" Kagan-Kristol cabal of the Washington neocon journalist-think tank nexus. What a relief!

But check back dear readers! Barack Obama has already appointed the "evil" Robert Gates as a "BushCo" holdover, so the corporate pay masters may still get their Persian "puzzle palace" thermonuclear war before we know it!


Anonymous said...

The left is so politically correct that they're endangering the lives of all the free-world. It is only a matter of time before Iran or some Islamic nut-job will carry out their threats and kill millions. The left is to blame for allowing the situation to get worse.

AmPowerBlog said...

Well said, Raul!

Norm said...

In pre-WWII Europe, it was the left wing who rallied together and prevented the democracies from stopping Hitler. 55 million died.
History repeats itself, sadly and it gets me angry.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Here is an example of the right wing's saying something and doing the opposite. If the Bush Administration had true intelligence that Iran was supplying insurgents in Iraq. If they truly knew that Iran was soon to have a nuclear weapon. And the left was way out in front of Bush on this mind you. It was Kerry in one of the 04 debates that said nuclear proliferation is the biggest danger the world faced. Then why isn't Tehran a parking lot right now? Why is Damascus still on the map?
I think this is an issue myself and the Professor's crew would agree on. But Bush hasn't done not near enough to get the real threats to America and peace in the Middleast. Sadaam was no threat. He was in a corner with no way out.
I guess I'm just bored with tough talking right wingers that don't back up the rhetoric.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

lol - Like if we don't fight wars all will be well. Yeah, either that, or Iran will send terrorists with bombs in briefcases on suicide missions - and take out NYC, DC, and San Diego.

And the mushroom clouds will rise, and the leftists will say, "At least we didn't go to a pre-emptive war against Iran!" They'll be happy. They got their way. They don't care about results. They'll sacrifice the lives. They don't want to deal with the reality of real threats in the world.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Now, what I'm saying is that incredible economic crisis and world events are going to occur.

WMD's are going to hit the "UN-USA"... and a Christian USA is going to secede.

As "outrageous" as that sounds... the facts are lining up more clearly. Just remember I said that.

What sounds "extreme" is coming "mainstream" via experts. What nation will the Islamics want to destroy most of all the democratic nations?? (Other than Israel??) The US. Apart from divine protection, that's exactly what's going to happen.

It's not complicated, and it's really not that "hard" to see coming... nor is it really that extreme of a view.

So, I'll continue to speak until people agree - when they see it happen... and more and more experts "chime in" on how it's, well, the handwriting on the wall.

T101, you try to mock and deride me in order to attempt to isolate and attack me. I must be threatening.

I think I'm "bullseye" in what I state is coming.


Norm said...

Truth101: In case you did not notice
during the past four years or so, the Democrats, the MSM, and eventually the CIA all undercut any public support that would be essential if we were to take any military actions towards Iran. You know this, which makes your post disingenious and just one more with nothing to say.

courtneyme109 said...
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courtneyme109 said...

Truth 101 - actually, America used a double edged blade against Iran since 2004. 1st off using 'old Europa' to deploy subtle and nuanced diplo manuevers to bring Iran back into the family of nations.

2nd - using asymmetrical warfare against the mullahs like hit and run sabotage, abduction raids and generally reminding Iran that Americans can be somewhat crazy and unpredictable especially in a real war.

Regime killing regime changes like you mention - especially for Tehran and Damascus are always on the table.