Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama an Evil and Dangerous Man?

So far this blog has been generally fair and balanced in commenting on President Barack Obama. While I'm not kidding when I suggest that Obama's social agenda, especially his abortion extremism, will tear this country's soul apart, my posts have been measured and respectful.

So, compare my approach with MacRanger's, "
Forget Obama Being the Anti-Christ, He’s the Devil Incarnate. MacRanger cites Dick Morris' essay yesterday, "The Obama Presidency: Here Comes Socialism" (which is a familiar meme from the campaign), and adds this:

None of this is news, you’ve heard it here. In three days he’s already greatly weakened our national security, signed orders to set the terrorists free and signed over more babies to their death through unfettered abortion.

This is an evil and very dangerous man and we’ve only begun to see just how much that is true. So now is the time to begin to act. Now is the time to begin to wrest - through peaceful and legal means - this Country back from those who are about to destroy it.
When MacRanger suggests Obama will "destroy this country," this is precisely the argument I've made all along - that by training, ideology, and inclination, President Obama is not commited to upholding the Anglo-Protestant exceptionalism that has always been the basis for our national strength and the font of our international mission of expansive liberty. Nor is Obama committed to the kind of economic freedom that is the essence of the dramatic tax rollbacks of 2001 and 2003, which were the capstone of 25 years of prosperity dating to the first Reagan administration's tax cuts of 1983. We'll see now under the Obama Democratic-left, as Morris suggests in his piece, the biggest government and non-defense spending regime in the history of this nation.

Obama's executive order on halting trails for Guantanamo detainees gives me deep pause as well. The Washington Post went so far as to announce, upon news of Obama's action, that "
Bush's 'War' On Terror Comes to a Sudden End."

There is so much explicit partisanship - no, anti-Americanism - in that title, it's depressing, that with such ease and haste, and the coming of the Obama era, the Bush "war" on terrorism can be jettisoned for the "law and order" approach favored by the appeasement hawks of the pre-9/11 Democratic Party. The Obama mindset is well-represented in leftist foreign policy circles, where the notion that the deployment of Army and Marine infantry units for any land-based military missions, even counter-insurgency, is archaic, and that the U.S. must simply wind down the defense budget and abjure robust ground forces in favor of "cheaper and generally more effective" means.

I can assure readers that these moves are precisely why I opposed Obama's candidacy so vociferously thoughout 2008. No one can say that we didn't know this was coming, or that the leftist media and punditocracy had long been ready to turn the U.S. into a second-rate power, to abandon a vigorous forward posture, in favor of literally coddling dictators, by way of global moral equivalence, and by standing aside where no other great power can act in
the face of global danger and injustice.

And of course, more is in store.

This blog reported that in 1996 Obama had declared in writing a comprehensive agenda for the roll back of traditional marriage in favor of the radical same-sex marriage absolutism. Recall too that last July, Obama declared his opposition to the proposed gay marriage ban going on the ballot in California, which was Proposition 8, passed by a majority of the state's voters on November 4th. Prior to that vote, Obama had announced to San Francisco's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club that he opposed "the divisive and discriminatory efforts" to affirm traditional marriage institutions in California and other states.

I am not convinced President Obama will affirm his position announced to Pastor Rick Warren that marriage consists as between one man and one woman. No, as we can see in just three days of governance, the Demcrats in power are not anywhere inclined to bipartisanship or pragmatism. The ascent to power must be truly intoxicated, and it's no doubt corrupting, given the burst of impropriety we've already seen in the Democratic camp, not to mention the leftist media's refusal to report on it effectively.

So, while no, Barack Obama is not an "evil man," his designs for the total oblitertion of Bush administration rules and practices, and his early signals on the push for the most radical social agenda in decades, proves for all to see that the deepest fears on the conservative right were by no means unwarranted.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Yes, he is an evil man. I respect your opinion, Donald. But the man is sheer evil. He voted to cause babies who are born alive to die alone with no human rights or medical care. Evil. Sheer evil. And dangerous. Let the record show this man voted multiple times - knowing full well that present laws did not provide born alive infants with impartial medical assessments - to cause born alive infants to die... then bald-faced lied about the whole thing to all the American people.

Benefit of what doubt? I have no doubt. The man is evil.

I can truly see doubt regarding the 666 beast identification. That will remain by many to be seen. I believe the Lord has shown me "early on".

But as far as general doubt that the man is evil - his actions prove that. Furthermore, the Bible plainly teaches that all mankind is evil apart from salvation. That's what sinners are: evil. Their "self-esteem" (pride) may state differently - but God warns that the heart of man is desperately wicked and cannot be known... it is so wicked. Men cannot judge themselves because all their ways are right in their own eyes. Evil and dangerous - for sure. :)

But you're more than welcome to your own opinion. (I'm sure it will "come around" in time - as the man commits wholesale genocide - from the same evil heart so cold it voted for the infanticide of infants born alive).


cracker said...

PRH said...

You are far kinder than I Donald....this rookie political hack(in way over his head) may not be evil, but I believe he is. Already trying to squash free speech.

This guy is gonna rip the guts out of the country, and many of us won't stand by and watch it, without a fight.

shoprat said...

whether or not he knowingly has evil intentions, or is simply and seriously misguided, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and his intentions will take us there.

The anti-Christ would be a man so sold out to the Devil that he might as well be the Devil and such men arise frequently. I don't at all believe that Obama is the anti-Christ but I do believe that there is such a man pulling his strings. Obama is a public face for someone else and I'd like to know who.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Look at the record Don. Bush undid all of Clinton's policies he could and look where we're at. Financial system in shambles. An occupation without end in Iraq. Economy losing over 100,000 jobs a month. Pakistan on the brink of God knows what. But the pious and Christian Halliburton made lots of money so I guess this bastion of Christian Capitalism makes all that crap fine with you and your disciples Professor.

Keep undoing that which Bush has screwed up President Obama.

AmPowerBlog said...

"But you're more than welcome to your own opinion."

That's very nice of you, at my own blog at that.

Let's hold off on the 666 analogies around here for a while. It's not just this post, but just about every post where we discuss how evil Obama is.

I don't like him. I'm trying to respect him as president, but you can rest assured I oppose his policies with all of my being, especially on abortion.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


Just something to ponder. If we have a will that functions autonomously from God (and autonomous would be separated from God in separate independence)... that will must be evil. All things separated from God are evil. And, also, all things separated from God are evil. Moreover, all things are sourced in the spiritual. Evil is not merely a thought, word, or idea and choice and action... for even words, said Jesus, are spirit. All things are spirit that function through man as words, become thoughts, become ideas, become choices and actions. All evil that man does is a spirit at root source and substance. Evil is tangible and real and exists as a spirit. The name of the spirit of evil is "Satan". And the number of the spirit of evil is "666". And the spirit of unregenerate man is this spirit and is this evil and is this person: Satan. This is how man ALREADY IS Satan incarnate at a spiritual level since the fall. Yet, as that which holds back (the Holy Spirit) lifts restraint of the evil spirit of Satan within man through sin, then the evil spirit of Satan fills man completely with "no grace" preserving the soul of man in innocence (as babies have innocence through their souls though they are conceived in sin). Then man becomes completely evil in his soul through the "infilling" of Satan's spirit throughout his soul. Then, it can be stated, that man who has the spirit of Satan in him having been conceived in sin thus has become Satan incarnate through and through. This is the state of ALL THOSE who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit - and all mankind shall blaspheme the Holy Spirit to become completely evil and Satan incarnate in the latter half of the Great Tribulation. Not just the antichrist himself - but all mankind who is not born of God whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life. God will "take the mask off" all mankind on the inside and show that man is, and has been since the fall, Satan incarnate for this is what SIN... really is. But by the grace of God, there go we all.

Evil is about will... but the term "free" is very suspect. When man sins, man sins under the direct control of the spirit of Satan. The only thing that holds back Satan from "turning the lever" of man's will at certain levels by his spirit is God restraining Satan - thus restraining man - from the more full manifestation in action and essence of being of the son of perdition = Satan incarnate = sin = the spirit of sin = Satan = evil.

It's more simple than we would imagine. Satan = sin = evil = the spirit = and IS the spirit of... the beast = 666 = ALL MANKIND... and this man shall be the "showcase" and the leader.

Koolaid = that spirit = Satan... himself.

This is reality. Man denies it by... the power of sin still in his soul blocking his understanding. But the Spirit reveals mysteries... things we cannot know except by the Spirit of God of what man really is.

Anyway, thought I'd write a bit. More of the Spirit in our souls from our regenerated spirits = shared agreement and understanding in these things. The full stature move of the Spirit floods the redeemed souls of the regenerate with the Spirit - and takes all the blinders of our souls OFF. We shall see Jesus, we shall see Truth, just as Jesus - just as Truth - really is. We will not deny the simplicity of evil spiritually through our own blindness... and we shall see that God who is Spirit is 100% Good and works solely by grace to infuse us with His Spirit or such (like the beast - which is the spirit of all mankind since the fall) would be all our fates.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I just saw your remarks. You're going to see what this man is. He has stated already "I won". He's stated already not to listen to Rush Limbaugh and to just do what he says as a blind follower of his dictates.

I didn't see your comment before I spoke to what Phillippe said.

You're going to see some things, Donald, that blow your mind. I think you are projecting your own sanity and goodness onto a man - and you are seeing the image of an office rather than the reality of the man in the office. But that's going to become evidently clear. It's going to blow people's minds. Obama is not really, imo, even "sane". He's a madman like Hitler. And he knows he is fated for world domination. But I'll leave you the time to see it for yourself.

Exit... stage right.



shoprat said...

The modern Democrats seem oblivious to the differences between Obama and Clinton. We did reasonably well under Clinton AFTER he tacked to the right after having his backside handed to him to 94 and started listening to his own DLC. Obama and his backers have made a point of distancing themselves from the DLC policies that made Clinton a relative success. The DLC did endorse Obama in the end but what that was more out of party loyalty than anything else.

Gayle said...

Good morning, Donald.

I believe Obama is evil because he believes in abortion. He may not realize the evilness of that, but that doesn't make him any less evil. Neither is he as smart as he has led many to believe. After all, he's all for abortion and Planned Parenthood kills more black babies than those of any other race, so go figure!

We also have Congress to deal with, and Pelosi and Reid are every bit as bad as Obama if not even worse. Now they are trying to appoint a tax evader to run the Treasury Department. GADS!

Anonymous said...

I'm a pragmatist mainly, so I found these comments regarding the abortion gag rule interesting:

"The claim that lifting the gag rule will result in more abortions is NOT supported by the facts - when the gag rule was in force, abortions went up (as did the deaths of women from unsafe abortions) When Clinton rescinded it, abortions went down and went back up when Bush reinstated it. Talking about abortion DOES NOT cause more abortions! Lack of access to contraceptive services DOES cause more abortions. The concept is a simple one - contraception prevents abortion and anything that limits access to contraception actually causes more abortions to occur - particularly unsafe ones."

And since when did we have to debate the theological implications of politics all the time?

It's getting tedious.

repsac3 said...

Good or evil (or really super-duper evil), President Obama and his ideas & ideals are what the American people wanted and voted for. While it's admirable to want to educate our fellow Americans, at some point we need to trust them, as well.

Our opinions and beliefs differ, obviously. But the man is our President, and he's doing exactly what he (and Donald, for that matter) said he would do. No surprise there...

Thanks for trying to rein in Grace. While I already know you don't agree, your willingness to allow her to post her thoughts on your blog with so little comment in opposition could give some the wrong idea.

AmPowerBlog said...

"He's a madman like Hitler."

Grace: Folks should always be careful when making allegations like that. I don't think Obama's Hitler or Stalin, although many of the policies on the left are indeed "Stalinist."

Obama may be evil, and I certainly agree that abortion is evil. I'm just tired of all the devil talk in the comments. I respect your right to speak out on issues important to you. But some of the diatribes are even hard for me to defend. Hence, my statements that you speak for yourself and yourself only.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

It's all they have left Tim. The Republicans under Bush failed our Country. But they still follow Bush and his dogma of never admitting a mistake, no matter how grievous it was.

They also underestimate Obama the politician. I saw what he did in Illinois. He can deliver the goods to those he supports. He is also willing to listen and add ideas that didn't come from him to his plans. The man is a team player. When Boehner and the Republicans accept this instead of playing their games, games they didn't play against Bush policies that went against what were supposed to be their core republican beliefs, our Country will emerge from this economic fiasco faster.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I agree with you. But sin itself is separated from God. There is no evil in God. Good and evil are completely and totally separate one from another.

Isaiah 59:2 (New International Version)

2 But your iniquities have separated
you from your God;
your sins have hidden his face from you,
so that he will not hear.

God's Spirit and the spirit of sin, the spirit of Satan - the spirit of man - do not mix.

Ephesians 2:14
For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,

God saves men's souls by giving them new spirits born of His Spirit. Until then, they are children of their father the devil - and do what the spirit in them - the spirit of their father does.

John 8:44
You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Man is the son of Satan spiritually apart from salvation. That's what the whole Bible is about and why God says this:

Revelation 13:18 (King James Version)

18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

All mankind, really, at a certain level - unregenerate - already is the 666 beast. They are all born of Satan spiritually - conceived in sin... separated at a spiritual level from God and with sin in them. Yet, God is all of our Father in salvation, Jesus Christ is the mediator - and will restore all of us to God through salvation.

We'll get a new spirit, be born of God, and be reconciled to God our Father. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord - the mediator - who will make us one with God again. Both are true. All mankind will be restored to God and cannot be eternally separated from Him, YET, born and conceived in the flesh in sin we are separated from God's Spirit, all mankind are children of Satan "spiritually" thereby. When we are born-again we become the children of God in spirit and in truth that we were in creation. Both are true, Phillippe. I say you are right - yet all men born of Adam according to the flesh are 666 beasts. In the apocalypse, all mankind who is not born of God blasphemes the Holy Spirit and becomes the "culmination" of the fall as Satan incarnate... "spiritually". They're "filled" with his spirit in their souls.

It's not one-dimensional. You're right, I agree... but the fall changes our status into separation from God by sin and born in sin - with Satan in a spiritual "fahterhood" position.

Anyway, I'm outta here. Wouldn't have commented but you raised a scriptural point. A person has to "move slowly" and separate out the sequential facts to see you're right - but so am I... because we were created in perfection, fell, and are being restored. Creation is in Christ, restoration is in Christ, redemption is in Christ - but the fall into sin is in Satan spiritually.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Hi Donald,

I'm exiting. I cut right to the heart and core of the matter in simplicity spiritually.

It's hard for anyone to "take". I call evil 100% evil and Satan spiritually... I call good 100% good and God's Spirit. With no grey or moral equivalence but rather fullness and total separation.

It's hard for anyone to "take".

The truth hurts. We have ways of looking at things at the level we see them. But what I see is what it takes to fully release the full stature move of the Spirit. It's the level I see things at myself and I speak what I see... but I'm exiting stage right. :)

Be blessed. I have other things I need to be doing right now, seasons change, Donald, and I'm exiting stage right. :)

Thanks for your blogs. You see and speak the truth from a parallel level - and that's your call and you do a great job.

Exit. Stage Right. :)


JBW said...

Now was that an intermission or a final adieu?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Grace has a higher calling. It was, um, interesting, interesting at least. Not that I ever read Grace's religious ramblings. I've always said that religion has no place in politics. And for that I guess I am a nihilist. It just seems to me that common sense and decency should rule the day, not Revelations.

Anonymous said...

Don, re: "Grace: Folks should always be careful when making allegations like that. I don't think Obama's Hitler or Stalin, although many of the policies on the left are indeed "Stalinist." "

Agreed. That is giving Obama entirely too much credit.

We are, after all, talking about a man with a long history of accomplishing absolutely nothing.

I'm for waiting to see what he acutally acomplishes, if anything, to pass judgement.

JBW said...

Good idea mamapajamas, wait a while before you accuse the man of being just like Hitler; I'm sure your restraint will underscore your sanity.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

It's an exit stage right, JBW.

There will be no "entrance stage left".

I don't think it's the right time for me to focus on "analysis" of what's happening or even "reactions". I see what I see. There just isn't a lot of reason to comment.

Personally, I believe God is Sovereign and speaks through those around me and circumstances. I'm weary of watching Obama, I'm personally certain he's the 666 beast, and Donald functions at the poloticial sociological level in his commentary for the most part. It's one of those things. Time to split and let it be. Donald can speak for himself - and God can speak through Donald. It's just time to move on to other things.

Yeah, I'll probly be back at some future point. But while it's hard for Donald to take my pov, it's hard for me to watch Obama. I can accomplish more just by doing what I have to do and paying him little heed personally.

I never watched politics before anyway. Just wanted to know what was going on, then I throw it over my shoulder, and do what's my own personal business. That's how I feel now. I got into watching because I really think this guy is the 666 beast - but he's been inaugurated now. For me, I'm moving on. Whatever. I have my own stuff to do. So I feel about it like I've felt about all political races: I vote, I move on. I don't get too into politics. I did this guy cuz it's a real spiritual thing. But, so what. He's not the center of my world. God is.

I have my own way of looking at things.

I'll enter stage right if I feel like it down the line in the future. And will be saying to you, I'm quite sure, "I told you so."

Hitler was "an" antichrist. The Bible says there are many antichrists. Without question, Obama is "an" antichrist. (All it takes to qualify is to fail to confess Jesus Christ as God, the Son of God, crucified, dead, buried, risen, and come in the flesh as both man and God, and the ONLY way of salvation.) Obama qualifies biblically as "an" antichrist. (So do you, JBW, btw.) But Obama is unique in his position of having risen to the Presidency with a personality cult following him "crying out" for an "antichrist" new age kind of messianic leadership. He lines up, therefore, to be "the" antichrist. Anyway, I think he's it.

Some must wait and see. Others see spiritually and can foresee.

I already see, imo.

Telling you "I told you so" will not be fun, btw. I don't much like what this man will do. There's no pleasure in it at all.

I'd prefer to ignore the Cretan monster little beast Obama really is. I prefer to move on.

And, also, religion has every place in politics. This nation was founded by people who trusted in God's Sovereignty and made God the Supreme Judge - wanted a nation under God - honored God - and laid the foundation of this nation on rights endowed to us by God.

The next Christian nation shall be the same and will break from this one.

Exit stage right. I'll be back when I feel like it. I have other things to do.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


Let me tell you what a "nihilist" is: "an antichrist".

I'm a Christian.

I don't expect us to see eye to eye. We have different spiritual fathers, we are different spiritual beings at this point in time, and we aren't of the same much of anything. The only thing we have in common is flesh born of Adam. I'm not even of that body. I'm of the body of Christ from above.

You're a nihilist.

We're not even in the same state of being. Someday, we will be - but not today.

I don't listen to you either. :)


JBW said...

So, yes then?

After I had started reading your screed I had a thought to make a joke at the end about you maybe calling me the Antichrist next time you're around these parts but you beat me to it.

So long, Grace. I can only hope that you are never given any great responsibility or power and that when you do finally arrive at completely crazy you are not near any firearms. Adieu et bon chance.

LFC said...

The first sentence of the post is one of the funnier things I've read in a long time. Though I must admit that DD has been somewhat less vitriolic re Obama than some on the right seem to be.

As for Grace Explosion, her comments are beyond repellent. They seem to me to inhabit the realm of the insane. Anyone who believes, as she does, that Obama is the "666 beast" is, in my opinion, deranged. That is the most polite word I can use which also conveys my sense of incredulity at her comments.

C L I F Y L Q said...

LFC said...

Anyone who believes, as she does, that Obama is the "666 beast" is, in my opinion, deranged. That is the most polite word I can use which also conveys my sense of incredulity at her comments.







The United States has always been seen by the world as a bastion of freedom and the greatest example of true economic success populated by a people of free will and goodness. The United States, therefore, stands out singularly as the greatest threat and obstacle to the NWO because of its government, its military might and the independent individual nature of its freedom-loving people. It is primarily the independence of the American people and the efficate sovereignty of the United States that represent the main stumbling blocks to a one world government and its central bank.