Monday, January 19, 2009

A Final Gasp of Bush Derangement

PrivatePigg's posted an outstanding essay on the noxious Bush derangment on the ideological left, "Bush Says Farewell: One Final Round of BDS:"

You know, I have plenty of friends on both the right and left side of the aisle, and most of them are pretty great people, pretty level headed, and pretty reasonable, even when I disagree with them. But I can name probably one or two people who can only be described as … out there. Based on my own human experience and interaction alone, I’d say these people are a minority of the population. However, when one ventures over to the left side of the blogosphere, an unusually high number of bloggers seem to fall into that second group of people: out there. And I don’t mean “out there” because I disagree with them, but “out there” because they have a seemingly impossible time keeping even the slightest bit of perspective in their political outlook. It’s one thing to make a point, it’s another thing to simply write a post so full of over-the-top hyperbole that you can’t help but picture some weirdo at his computer furiously typing away while completely flipping his shit over some non-event. Meanwhile the Earth still rotates, America still exists, and tomorrow will be nearly identical to today for roughly 99% of the American populace. One can’t help but picture said blogger being really pleased with himself once he has released his pent-up fury, feeling as if he’s really “zinged!” the President with his prose, when, in fact, he’s more-or-less regurgitated the bare outline of someone else’s talking points, filling in the gaps with inane adjectives to describe Bush, the White House, or the US itself - adjectives that have no business being used outside of discussions about the Holocaust, Stalin’s purges, etc. The blogosphere must surely be unrepresentative of liberalism today, I tell myself.
It's a long, long post, but PrivatePigg does a great job of demonstrating that the trend he sees is not "unprepresentative of today."

The other day, when the
New York Times came out with a final survey on President Bush's dismal public approval ratings, there was an eruption of huzzahs! across the leftosphere, as those numbers obviously confirmed the leftist wet dreams of "the worst president in history."

Down With Tyranny! had this:

Republican ideology is failed ideology. Even as he prepares to finally leave the office he first stole in 2000, Bush is loathed by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Even a third of confessed Republicans think he did a lousy job. The Republicans in Congress are held in even greater contempt. Greed and selfishness is not a valid philosophy of governance. The precise economic policies espoused by the Republican Party that drove this country into Depression with the consecutive terms of three clueless Republican hacks - Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover (1921-1933)- are a mirror image of what has been served up by Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and, worst of all, by far, Bush II.
Actually, this is even more than BDS, for when Bill Clinton's administration is thrown into the mix, we're looking at a brief for the proposed progressive-socialist agenda that's being hammered constantly by the denizens of the uncleansed netroots fever swamps.

These people are not "fringe" elements of the Democratic Party. This is the party's base. The great test for the Barack Obama administration this next four years will be not so much whether he fixes the economy or reinvests in society (these things will happen), but how well he resists the demands of secular-progressives for the institutionalization of godless socialism in the United States.


JBW said...

Man, I love godless socialism! And there's nothing like a little BDS before I get into the shower in the morning. Sweet.

AmPowerBlog said...

Hillarious, JBW, but you missed the big weekend post on Repsac3 and the nihilists ... scroll down if you're interested.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Kooks and ultra liberal goofballs are not the base of the Democratic Party Donald. Unless your degree came from Liberty University you would know that.
The base of the Party is people like me. Men and Women that work their forty hours a week to give our kids the same thing you want for yours, and every generation wants. A future that's better than ours. We believe that our government plays a big roll in securing that future. Providing the security our nation and our neighborhoods need. Providing and enforcing the rules and regulations that keep our society civilized and as fair as possible for all to enjoy the benefits of living in our Great Nation.
Ours is a government by the people and for the people Donald. And people striving to make it "more perfect" (If you have a problem with the grammer take it up with Thomas Jefferson) and our Nation better for all who are here legally is a tenent of the Democratic Party.

Millions of people came out and voted for Barack Obama because they want to have hope that our Nation can do better than it has. Obama enjoys around an 80% approval for the way he's handling the transition to power. So far, so good.

JBW said...

Oh I didn't miss it, Don; I'm just one of the people who aren't commenting much anymore because I've gotten tired of having the same worn out arguments with some of your older, more bitter acolytes. Plus I just don't feel the need to defend myself against your accusations that I don't believe in anything and want to destroy America so I'm just going to leave short snarky comments and laugh at your longer, seemingly more deluded posts. Keep up the good work!

repsac3 said...

secular-progressives for the institutionalization of godless socialism in the United States.

You know about SPIGSUS?!?

I thought that was supposed to be kept secret until AFTER the coron... ...erb... ....I meant, inauguration.

Seriously dude... It's no "wild transgendered relativism," which is without a doubt, your all-time best wacky turn of phrase, but still, it ain't half bad...

Anonymous said...

Dude, if we're really after "godless socialism," then we're doing a really crappy job at getting there. There are preachers all over the place, and President-elect Obama is insisting on "so help me God" being in the oath he'll take tomorrow. Godless socialism, here we come!