Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hopes for Bush Prosecutions Fade, Left Crestfallen

In his interview this morning at "This Week," Barack Obama signaled the supreme unlikelihood of war crimes prosecutions against top Bush administration officials. I'm making the rounds of all of the commentary and we see hand-waving at Democratic impropriety, with lamentations of anticipated GOP stonewalling, and harrumphing disgust that Republicans have issues with the shameful terror-enabler and attorney general-nominee Eric Holder (and that's not mentioning Glenn Greenwald, who's always the worst of the worst).

I've hammered Barack Obama almost a year, but he'll do the country a huge favor if he continues to ignore the unhinged fringe of the Democratic Party (folks who want justice not so much as revenge). In any case, the most pithily insightful thing I've read on this is from Charles Fried, who prefaces his argument against torture trials as such:

If you cannot see the difference between Hitler and Dick Cheney, between Stalin and Donald Rumsfeld, between Mao and Alberto Gonzales, there may be no point in our talking.
Not much to add there, except, "BAM!", to borrow from a well-known culinary expert.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Nice quote. I've decided leftists are losers. That's honestly what I've decided. They're losers who want to focus an entire political system on losers. They want to create a loser mentality, a whole loser paradigm. Then build big government because people are losers.

I think if the left doesn't realize we're not interested in their loser philosophy, there's may be no reason to talk.

EDGE said...

Great post Donald. This will be an interesting 4 years no doubt!

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The Dems had their chance to investigate and fight Bush policies for eight years. When push came to shove, they backed down and gave Bush what he wanted. It's in our Country's best interest to move on. Secondarily, it's in my Party's best interest to govern well.

Nice comment Grace. How'd your Detroit Lions do this year?

Norm said...

Obama is center stage now; and he will not allow any distractions from him. Actors are jealous of the lines.

Anonymous said...

"Nice quote. I've decided leftists are losers."

Who cares what someone "off the bell curve" thinks.

Looks like you lost the last two elections in a BIG WAY, loser.

Anonymous said...

Grace: I'm always impressed by your "Christian" viewpoint.

OK, not so much. But you epitomize the right. We are not losers right now, in fact we have kicked your right ass so hard the last two years you probably can't sit down?

Sorry sweetie.

dave in boca said...

Donald, Great quote from a guy named Fried, who is driven by hatred and revenge and is totally unhinged. Bill Clinton & the Bushes are probably guffawing as Barack demonstrates that, unlike the Frieds and Hamshers and Greenwalds of the blogospew left, he is no fool.

Grace Explosion is correct: I've decided leftists are losers. That's honestly what I've decided. They're losers who want to focus an entire political system on losers. They want to create a loser mentality, a whole loser paradigm. Then build big government because people are losers. represents the wail of the covert totalitarian, because hidden inside every Charles Fried is a mini-Hitler and mini-Stalin he projects into his political nemesises [nemeses?] so as to justify "direct action," the extralegal course of action that the nihilist/anarchist ultra-left will use to punish their "enemies."

These specimens of political pathology are a far cry from your insight that Dems are loo-zers---I worked in two Dem Prez Campaigns as Nat'l Staff and a couple of House & Senate campaigns before finding the same truth two decades ago.

You can be sure that the first step that the Charles Fried/Glenn Greenwald/Mrs. Andrew Sullivan leftists will scream and shout for are laws against "hate crimes," which will justify prosecution for prosecuting political opponents and destroy the First Amendment.

P.S. My next door neighbor, a four-term State Rep in the Florida House, told me in Sept that BHO was your basic centrist, citing the more conservative planks in Obama's primary battles then just concluded with HRClinton.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

T101, LOL.

Anonymous... The Government-dependency losers outnumbered in votes (even if it took them getting in line multiple times to cast multiple votes) those with ambition who want to be independent and free this year. We're not a nation of "whiners". We're a nation of too many spineless thumb-sucking losers who want a nanny state.

Tim - It's your own arse you're kicking. You want the Government to spank you cuz you can't discipline yourself and don't believe you can handle life as an adult in control of your own life in freedom from Government. But thanks for all that "unity" and "we are one" Obamagoguery about "kicking our a's".

Face it. Your whole political ideology is based on this belief system, "The American people are losers and we can't take care of ourselves and aren't fit to be free".

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

DaveinBoca... Yeah. Let's just get real simple. The Dems is the party of losers. Not the party of the poor - because to be "poor" in this nation with an independent streak of self-sufficiency is to live in the land of opportunity. It's to have every opportunity to make something of one's life - and to have a great life to be thankful for.

Freedom. It's for the independent and the self-sufficient. It's not for losers.

They have a "loser mentality". They want us all to feel bad for victimhood and make our entire policy and lives focused on the losers among us.

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps"?? Nah. They can't even pull themselves up from the crawling stage.

They don't know what it is to be an individual and to have a free spirit. Co-dependency and being losers that want a free ride. That's what I see at the simplest analysis. I don't want anything to do with that.

They glorify losers. It's disgusting. This nation is going to go down the tubes. People think life should be a free ride. That's a loser mentality.

JBW said...

As per usual, Obama takes a centrist road and people like you Don, who claimed that he was some far left Stalinist during the election, act as if you've just scored a victory against them evil libruls. Huzzah!

And Norm, how I've missed your brilliant insights. Apparently Obama is a self-indulgent prima-donna and that's why he does everything, because you're really smart and you know what you're talking about. Keep it up, sparky.

Grace, I see by comments that you left at my site and here as well that you learned a new word today. I've had a few girlfriends who talked a lot of shit without thinking as well. You're divorced, right? Just checking...

Norm said...

JBW: I guess you'll just have to try thinking for yourself, no matter how difficult that can be. I am still waiting for you to offer constructive comments instead of whining and making personal attacks. It's called maturity.

Anonymous said...

Well said Norm.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You crack me up Norm. Never once have I read your admonishment of your right wing friends calling my left wing friend commies,socialists, stalinists, totalitarians and of types of ists, isms and ians. Or my favorite, when the pious and long suffering Grace says she hopes somebody burns in hell. But God forbid some body call you and your cronies deluded or something. That being said, you closed minded, bigoted deluded right wing fool.

AmPowerBlog said...

Truth101: Let's keep it civil. I can't always monitor the comments, but if Grace or anyone else goes over the line, I'll ask them to be respectful. Norm so far hasn't really said anything out of line.

JBW said...

Oo, a whiner and a personal attacker. Such barbs. If only I was as mature as Norm, then I could revel in my own senility. Stay sharp, old man.

There, personal and just a little whiney. That's civil, right Don? And nary a curse word to burn the ears. I think I'm maturing already.

Tom the Redhunter said...

JBW - Obama's history is that of a radical socialist. He associated with the most radical of radicals. These are facts, easily verifiable.

Therefore, all we were doing is calling him on his history.

It is too early to see how he will govern. Most likely what we're seeing is a cover for his agenda of socializing the U.S. He couldn't proceed with it if the economy is in the tank. But we'll see.

JBW said...

Tom, blah blah, blah, radical. Blah, blah, blah, socialist. Learn a new tune, chief; this one's been done to death and the man still hasn't even taken office yet.

I swear, if you guys who are SO SURE that this guy is going to run this country into the ground with his "radical agenda" had anywhere NEAR the kind of prescience or ability to predict the future you think you do you'd all be millionaire lottery winners by now.

At least let the guy take the oath of office before you blame him for destroying the country.

Norm: kisses.