Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's Up With David Weigel?

You have to really shake your head at the ideological alliances of today.

Take David Weigel, who's got a piece up today on the GOP, "
‘Right-Wing’ Rhetoric on Hold After Museum Shooting." It's a pretty strong attack on those who take exception to the left's smear against the conservative movement as a bunch of "Christian fascist eliminationists."

a reporter at The Washington Independent, but previously he was a contributing editor at the libertarian Reason Magazine. In the latter position he'd be expected to advocate small government and the protection of liberties from the expansion of state power. On the whole, Reason would appear to support the libertarian wing of the GOP. But often the ideological lines get blurred, and some hardline libertarian activists are essentially "unpatriotic paleoconservatives" who veer over into hardline leftist territory - and, of course, some of that activity includes not just opposition to robust national defense, but even things like 9/11 trutherism and tin-foil hats.

So it's interesting that Weigel's moved from the Reason bench over to the hard-left Washington Independent, where such
Bush-bashing nihilists as Spencer Ackerman also hold court. Such "libertarians" also include the America- and Israel-hating Daniel Larison, and the "liberaltarian" posse at Ordinary Gentlemen. These guys riff on (pothead) Will Wilkinson quite a bit. And they also gain sustenance from the likes of Andrew Sullivan. "Sully," of course, is a deranged Obamaton who feeds on the writings of Charles Johson at Little Green Footballs.

The respectable Matt Welch put the kibosh on these strange dalliances in a recent post. He notes:
The focus on political teams blurs one central, overriding truth: When it comes to bailout/stimulus/econ, there is no significant break in policy between George W. Bush and Barack Obama, no matter how much it benefits enthusiasts and detractors from pretending there's a sharp break between the two.
Welch, of course, is no fan of neoconservative foreign policy, so he naturally opposes the forward role of the U.S. in conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq. But he's good to distance himself from all the crazed left-liberal hoochy-kootchy.

Anyway, I mention all this just as hardline leftist Steve Benen is citing David Weigel in support of his attacks on the conservative movement.

Folks need to be careful about their allegiances.

I don't know David Weigel personally (although my blog-buddy Robert Stacy McCain calls him a good friend). No matter. Connecting the dots here - even with an admittedly broad brush - gives you some idea of what's really going on with the left-libertarian coalitions today: It's all anti-(neo)conservatism, all the time.

Thank goodness
Sarah Palin's a neocon!


Mark Harvey said...

If you analyze the Paultards from the last election season, an international embarrassment, there was no difference between the Paultards and the libtards.

It seems as though this character of which you write about is one more in a long list of people that want to go along to get along and further their own pathetic careers.

Just one time I would like to see an actual debate on the constitutionality of the Federal Government. Just once.

If we were to return to the USC, 90% of all issues would vanish within a year.

davemartin7777 said...

Von Brunn was a frequent poster on the far-rightwing hate site "Free Republic".

His postings were well accepted by the "Freepers".

His hateful screed "Obama is Missing" is signed by him, IN HIS FULL NAME, James W. von Brunn, on December 02, 2008 It is still up on that site... check it out before it's removed.

His Free Republic nick was "wannabegeek"... read his other rightwing hate posts.

Google "Obama is Missing" Type in user, wannabegeek if the link below is broken and read von Brunn's racist rants as well as the "Freepers" hateful, SUPPORTIVE responses.

This is irrefutable proof von Brunn was a racist, murdering rightwinger.;brevity=full;options=no-change

sashal said...




Jordan said...

Neiwert bitches about O'Rielly condemning people for speaking what they think. That's wrong. He condemns people for speaking idiotically. They can speak as they wish, and he supports it. It doesn't mean he has to shut up, as Neiwert wants him to do under the facade of "safety".

And Dave Martin, you're a boob.