Friday, August 28, 2009

Bachmann Hammers Heckler at Raucous Anti-ObamaCare Town Hall (VIDEO)

Via PoliJam Times, "Bachmann Wins Over Raucous Town Hall Crowd With Snappy Comeback at Heckler":

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MINN.): “I would far prefer to have American health care than I would health care in the UK any day of the week.”

BACHMANN: “These are just some headlines from the UK – the United Kingdom. Headlines about the disaster that is the government takeover of health care in the UK. You probably heard about this story the day before yesterday. It says, ‘Babies are being born in hospitals corridors, there’s a bed shortage thats forced 4,000 mothers in the UK to give birth in hallways, offices,’ – but not here.”

AUDIENCE MEMBER: “That happens here.”

BACHMANN: “I’ve given birth here probably more times than you, sir.”
See Ed Morrissey for more, "Bachmann Zaps Heckler Over Maternity Care." Also Snooper Report, "The Ways and Means of the MSM."

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dave in boca said...

Over on Think Progress, they're conducting a "Two Minutes Hate" about Bachmann because of a question one of her constituents made actually in support of Michele's positions.

The verbal slip-up will predictably be employed by the UNWATCHED cable news outlets like MSNBC & Corrupt News Network rather than the terrific support MB got in her townhall.

That's Newspeak in President Chiquita Obama's version of a Third World America, as Fouad Ajami brilliantly pointed out the other day in an WSJ op-ed.



for Fouad's piece brilliantly dissecting Obama's politics of "Third World Charisma" as BHusseinO attempts to be the next Che or a cacique from one of the many failed states south of the border.