Friday, August 21, 2009

TrogloPundit Gets Results!

Check out Lance over at TrogloPundit, "When you think of blind blogospherical hostility along ideological lines, what’s the first name that springs to mind?"

Well, Troglo, of course!

The dude's cited at Pew Research, "
Health Care Shouting Moves to Blogs":

The angry partisan wrangling that permeated mainstream media coverage of the health care debate also raged in the blogosphere last week as the issue dominated the online conversation.

Supporters and opponents of President Obama's health care reform goals faced off online, with each side accusing the other of being dishonest and manipulating facts. Liberal bloggers charged that conservatives were spreading fear and falsehoods to weaken support for health care reform while conservatives asserted that liberals were hiding their real goals and were only interested in promoting a government-dominated system.

Polarizing commentary is often a part of social media's attention to current news events. Over the past few months, other hot-button political issues that have led to intense partisan arguments include the debate over torture, Obama's economic stimulus package and the resignation of Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska.
Okay. Yeah, yeah. What about Troglo? Oh, here:

Among bloggers, most of the hostile debate over health care last week referenced two controversial newspaper articles.

The first was a July 24 story in the New York Post which generated increased attention this past week. In an article titled "Deadly Doctors: O Advisors Want to Ration Health Care," former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey, also a leading opponent of Bill Clinton's health care reform drive in the 1990's, asserted that some of Obama's advisors should not be trusted with important health care decisions. McCaughey argued that Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, believes in rationing health care and that doctors should look past the interests of their patients to consider society as a whole instead, thus denying coverage to senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Conservatives echoed many of McCaughey's concerns ...

The second story was by Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein. On Aug. 7, Pearlstein claimed that conservative leaders and their followers opposed to health care reform were promoting misleading and disingenuous attacks.

Liberals agreed.

"His piece is probably the best counter to much of the Republican and right-wing spin out there," declared Joe Campbell at 2parse. "He chooses here not to defend health care reform against authentic conservatives or against fiscally conservative objections -- but only against those extreme views that are taking hold in the imaginations of those inclinded to be opposed to Barack Obama's success."

"The blatant and not-so blatant sabotage that's happening in our country today regarding health care reform is nothing short of criminal," added Kevin Charnas."

Conservatives saw the piece differently.

"As per usual the left want to shut everyone else up and end all discussion, or criticism of their ideas and desires," posted blogger One More Middle Aged White Guy.

"Steven Pearlstein, writing a column in today's Washington Post that is so atrocious you can almost hear the human refuse squishing up through the keys on his keyboard," assessed Lance Burri at TrogloPundit.
There you go!

TrogloPundit! International man of blogospheric renown!