Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steven Crowder on CalPIRG Astroturfing

I remember my very first job after recieving my Bachelor's degree. My (future) wife and I had just moved to Santa Barbara, and I had a couple of months before my graduate program was going to start. Looking for a job, I answered the CalPIRG ad announcing "careers in political consulting" in the local paper. Invited for an interview, I put on my blue blazer and a button-down shirt and cruised over to the office - which ended up being a ramshackle apartment in Isla Vista. (I was greeted by a bunch of college kids in Birkenstocks.) Being new to town, I didn't know that IV's reputation gained a boost after the local Bank of America branch was burned down during the 1970 riots. The actual job for CalPIRG was to go door to door, in the middle of a deep recession, and beg homeowners for money for some unexplainable environmental impact fund. I walked off the job that night. I don't think I even collected a check.

Anyway, all of that's a preface for Steven Crowder masterful exspose of CalPIRG "grassroots" recruiting at Pajamas Media. The guy's a genius! "
Undercover with Liberals! (RIP Crowder)":
We’ve heard the term “Astroturf” thrown around so flippantly lately, I felt somebody needed to put it to the test. Why should Liberals be exempt from having the “special interests” card thrown at them? My hunch tells me that they appease those folks more than anybody. Well, strap on the hidden camera ...It’s time to find out!

Hat Tip: Darleen Click. See also, Verum Serum, "HCAN Affiliate Partners with Group Hiring Health Reform Canvassers Nationwide."