Saturday, August 29, 2009

Radical Left to Astroturf Orange County Health March: Dedicated to Ted Kennedy!

There's more confirmation from my home county that the Democratic Party is in formal alliance with socialist political action groups and hardline revolutionary agitation cells. The Orange County Register has the report, "Health-Care Reform Advocates to Rally Monday."

But check out the OC Weekly:
​Anyone else notice that ever since President Obama began pushing health care reform and waffling back and forth between advocating for a public option and saying that a public option was really just optional, ya know, just an idea, his popularity numbers have been plummeting? Conservatives already hate the guy and millions of morons think he's some kind of Manchurian candidate trying to turn the good old USA into a socialist bloc nation. But what about his supporters, all those tweeting, Facebook-friendly progressive souls who back in November believed he was a savior who would solve all our woes?

Where the fuck are these people? Why aren't they marching in the streets demanding that our insurance-industry-corrupted politicians (including Obama) get their shit together and improve our nation's suck-ass health care system?
Morons? Think again there, buddy.

It turns out that Organzing for America goons, SEIU thugs, Teamster heavies will hold a big ObamaCare rally at
my Congressman's office in Newport Beach on Monday. The webpage notes, "Dedicating the March to the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy." And the press release is a riot: "Orange County Grassroots 'Townhall March' Favoring Public Option is Scheduled For August 31." Yeah, "grassroots." Right. The organizers have requested that marchers "bring along American flags and placards bearing photos of loved ones who have been denied coverage by the insurance industry." And of course, there'll be plenty of pre-print manufactured signs, just like at every other "grassroots" demonstration the ObamaThugs have held this year.

Here's the list of "supporting organizations":
Free Enterprise Advocates
Organizing for America
Yes We Can!
Insure the Uninsured
SEIU, Local 721
Laguna Beach Democratic Club
Canyon Democratic Club
Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club
Laguna Woods Democratic Club
Progressive Democrats of America
Health Care Access Network (HCAN)
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Orange County Federation of Labor
The Liberal OC
Women For: Orange County
Orange County Equality Coalition (OCEC)
Teamsters, Local 952
IUCC Advocates for Peace and Justice
The socialist Progressive Democrats have the event listed at their calendar. The Teamsters Teamsters Local 952 as well. The IUCC Advocates for Peace and Justice is an allied group to the neo-Stalinist International ANSWER; the organization is a signatory to the AfterDowningStreet manifesto, "COALITION LETTER TO PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS: REGARDING THE 2009 SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS."

ObamaCare is socialist medicine. It's no surprise we're seeing all of the hardline America-hating interests out in force to push for it.

See also, "
Astroturf at Adam Schiff Town Hall: ACORN, AARP, Organizing for America, SEIU, and Stalinist Apparatchiks for ObamaCare!"


Mark Harvey said...

Sounds JUST like a bunch of left-wing Nazi-ass socialists to me! Let them dig. It won't take that much to bury them after that.