Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leon Panetta at CIA: Obama's Fall Guy

From Kimberley Strassel, "The Fall Guy":

In the game of political football that is today national security, spare a thought for CIA Director Leon Panetta. Quarterbacking is hard enough without getting sacked by your own team.

President Barack Obama fought hard for the former California congressman during his uncertain February confirmation fight. That's about the last thing the president has done for his spy chief. Quite the opposite: If the latest flap over CIA interrogations shows anything, it's that Mr. Panetta has officially become the president's designated fall guy.

The title has been months in the making. Mr. Obama is contending with an angry left that's riled by his decisions to retain some Bush-era counterterrorism policies. He's facing Congressional liberals still baying for Bush blood. He's hired Attorney General Eric Holder, who is giving the term "ideological purity" new meaning. Mr. Obama's way to appease these bodies? Hang the CIA and Mr. Panetta out to dry.
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Also, at the video, Bill O'Reilly, "
Administration Infighting? Inside Story of Leon Panetta's Angry Tirade Over News of CIA Probe."


science fiction writer said...

It's a pity this administration has politicized national security.

6Kings said...

As much as Democrats are tired of the label of being soft and weak on foreign policy, 8 months through a democratic admin and they keep doing stuff like this to solidify their spineless and incompetent reputation.